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Our goal is to find games match with the right gaming group and to enable gamers to be able to fund their next board game purchase. In order to achieve this, Gaming Library will be opening its website and stores to become a platform for gamers (like you) to place your pre-loved products and cycle them out to a new home. 


The Process:

1.) Bring your games to the Gaming Library head office (916 Luna Mencias St. Brgy. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City). 

2.) Email to with the subject line ( [Pre-Loved] (Your Name)  ) with the following details: (You can do this as well in our office)

  • Your Name
  • Your Email address
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Your Bank Account (for payment collection)
  • Photos of the item. Please include damages to the box or to components
  • Price  - (Please take into consideration the handling fee of Gaming Library)
  • Condition of the game - Good/Very Good/Mint or Sealed
  • Additional items included - examples : sleeves, tokens, inserts etc..
  • Target Delivery Date

3.) Once registered, it will take up to two weeks for us to put into our system. This is to account for the following:

  • Authenticity
  • True Condition
  • Completeness
  • POS/Barcode Encoding
  • Any other verification to ensure full transparency of the item to the buyer

4.) The margin - Gaming Library will take 35% of the selling price as its fee. This may seem a lot but to give you a breakdown:

  • 12% goes to VAT (given that you are individuals and not businesses, we will have to shoulder the full 12%) - we just hope the government uses it well
  • 1% goes to local government business tax (for business permit renewal purposes - most take 1% of your gross sales revenue) - again we just hope they put it to good use
  • 4.5% - Paypal/Credit card
  • Handling/Shipping - 2%
  • Mall Rental Fee - 3% of Gross sales
  • Gaming Library Loyatly rewards - On average (2-3%) discount - because the item is on our website it is covered by our loyalty program

Essentially what is left to Gaming Library is about 8-9% which will be used to cover the manpower salaries to do background check on the item and give you the best possible service that we can. All you have to do is sit back and relax while Gaming Library enables you to reach thousands of people everyday :)


Benefits of this system would mean the following:

1.) Games become more affordable

2.) Games can find a new home and get more love 😃

3.) The old system of kaliwaan/meetups (mahal na jeep)/pagrab (mahal narin ito)/pasend ng picture/please make sure complete can be taken away as Gaming Library has the stores and the website to give you the infrastructure. - 

Players can either pick up in our stores in the malls or have it shipped at competitive rates. 

- Our website can allow customers to pick up in Shangrila, BGC or in Makati. We’re currently working on QC (SSSHHH!) or just simply have it shipped with their order to save on shipping pa!

4.) Gamers can spend more time playing and discovering new games.


It is my hope that this program fosters growth within the board game community.

Sincerely Yours,

Hans Kenner Fernandez

Chief Meeple