Dumating na sina Maria Clara sa lahat ng GL tinadahan!
Hottest Game in Greenbelt branch!
Zombicide at Uptown BGC branch!
Demo Available in All Branches!
Gaming Library Proudly Presents
Coup: PH Edition
The hottest game from GL!
Wyrmspan - Gaming Library
Demo copy available in Greenbelt
Build a cavernous sanctuary for dragons of all shapes and sizes!
Zombicide: 2nd Edition - Supernatural: Pack 2 - Gaming Library
Zombies in Uptown BGC branch
Zombicide 2nd Edition
The ultimate zombie game made reality. Don't get surrounded!
Trio PH - Gaming Library
Demo copy in all store branches!
Trio PH
Reveal anyone's lowest or highest card and keep going until there're three of a kind!


Hello GL Fam!

All aBOARD XP is a haven for gamers to come together and play the games they love. It’s a space to build your community further: to meet new friends, become better players, and fall in love with board games together.

It’s the place where you can try board games, decide you love it, and then buy so you can play at home to your heart’s content. Aside from hosting regular mini-tournaments, All aBOARD XP also welcomes new board game titles every month! Whether it’s from a viral Kickstarter project or straight from the major board game conventions and expos like CMON or Essen Spiel, you can expect a new game to pop up in our stores sooner rather than later, and you’ll always have something new to look forward to!
It's the place where you can find hidden gems during your tabletop game, with publisher-exclusive offers that you can’t get anywhere else. Or take a sneak peak and try your hand out on their latest releases–fresh off of the annual international gaming conventions!

At All aBOARD XP, we have a bevy of talented and sharp game coaches who can assist newcomers and also pose as challengers to more experienced players!
Still have a few questions? Read on for answers to some lingering thoughts you might have about the venue, and see what we have in store for you!

Available DEMO GAMES per branch, click here for reference!

House Rules

Guidelines to enjoy All aBOARD XP

Food and Drinks

Drinks are permitted but only in spill/leaf-proof containers such as thermoses and tumblers. To-go cups are not allowed.

Food Is NOT allowed.


Children Below 10 Years Old

While it is a child-friendly space, we recognize that not every board game has child-friendly elements, so children ages 10 and below must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents, guardians, or anybody meant to accompany children will pay the same fees as players do.


10 Minute Wrap Up Period

Our game coaches make sure your sessions run smoothly, and most importantly are plenty of fun! Part of that means that every session ends with a 10-minute wrap-up period to help coaches with clean-up and other tasks.

Going beyond this grace period means you will be charged an additional hour to your session.

Uptown Mall

3rd Floor, Uptown Mall BGC, Taguig City

SM North Edsa

2nd Floor The Block, Quezon City

Greenbelt 5

3rd Floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City

Alter-Ego Shangri-La Mall

5th Floor, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City

One Bonifacio High Street Mall

3rd Floor, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, Taguig City


What's up at XP?

How much is your rate?

Our rates are 150php per hour or 350php per day for ages 10 and up.

Below 10 years old, our rates are 150php/hour or 500php per day. Our coaches will ensure they take extra attention on young children to ensure they have a good time


Can I Book Your Place For My Event?

Yes you can! Simply call our head office at +63917-1869949 and or email us at support@gaminglib.com


Can I Buy Games There?

Yes! All games and prices are at the same price as any other Gaming Library store