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Gaming Library, the company who single-handedly introduced Manileños to the joy of gaming. With their All Aboard events brought me back to table top gaming. The staff are accomodating and very knowledgeable with the games. Always knows which game to recommend, always eager to help. If you are looking for a someone to help you start your gaming adventures, this is the best place to go. Highly recommended source of gaming.


I've started playing board games in 2014 through Tabletop. I started my collection with Ticket to Ride Europe, Pandemic and Shadows Over Camelot. From humble beginnings, they have grown into a bigger and more accommodating Friendly Local Game Store. :)

Mark Z.

The folks who run this place are genuinely passionate about boardgames and are only too happy to share that passion. That's what I call great customer service and support.


Bought my two King of Tokyo expansions in the store today, can't wait to check the product. The store assistants were cool as they don't bother you while you stand there in awe checking your prospect board game. They did ask me though if I had the base game to make sure my purchase is right, recommended for first-time visitors in the store. :) Thanks, Gaming Library..