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Hello! We just had a fun talk show with Mommy Lala of Mommy Guide Inc. earlier today. We talked about many things about board games and how board games can be used as a teaching / learning tool. 

Board games help kids learn in many ways. There are board games that help with colors, shapes, numbers, counting spaces, and developing hand-eye coordination. Further lessons can be about critical thinking & decision making: detecting patterns, planning ahead, and anticipating the outcome of moves. There are board games with themes about economics, biology, space travel and math. Board games also improve the emotional quotient by considering and following rules, team building and winning / losing graciously. On top of that, board games are fun!

We have a list of 5 games suitable for different age groups: from toddlers, school-age kids and kids-at-heart.

Toddlers (1-5 years old)







School-aged kids (6+ years old)







High School / College / Adult (13+ years old)






There are many other board games that can be used as a teaching tool. The best part is you can have fun quality time with your family. Do you have other favorite educational board games?

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