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Gloomhaven 2nd Printing - Kickstarter Edition!

Cephalophair Games

Note:  This is a SPECIAL PRE-ORDER Item.  Because of the "limited exclusivity", we will only bring in the exact number of copies for those who pre-order the game.  As per publisher Cephalophair Games, the Kickstarter print run is set for November 2017.  This means you can expect the items to reach the Philippines and be with you in two weeks after their print run goes for delivery.

It's a grim but lucrative business being a mercenary out on the edge of civilization. You must explore the harsh wilderness and engage in deep tactical combat, where the decisions you make have an impact not only on your own character, but also the world around you.

Gloomhaven is cooperative game of card-driven combat set in a persistent fantasy campaign which will change and grow as you play the game.

The second printing of Gloomhaven comes complete with new health and experience trackers and a revised rule book and scenario book. Your game will come with miniatures for all the character classes.

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