Viticulture World Cooperative Expansion - Design Diary

April 21, 2022
Viticulture World Cooperative Expansion - Design Diary - Gaming Library
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Viticulture World was just announced last week and we have closely following updates from Stonemaier Games (and Jamey Stegmaier himself).

Here is a brief summary and pictures from Viticulture World Cooperative Expansion - Design Diary. 

The Wine Crate and the Origin Story of a Rewarding Cooperative Game

"Originally the Wine Crate going to be completely separate from Viticulture World, but freight shipping costs have continued to climb to absurd heights (they’re now around 6x higher than they were pre-pandemic). We weren’t comfortable charging nearly the price of Viticulture for a Viticulture organizer box, so we decided—for the first printing, at least—to include Viticulture World inside the Wine Crate.

The individually numbered Wine Crate with Viticulture World inside will be available in early June as part of the Viticulture World preorder. If you don’t want the Wine Crate, you can just get the expansion by itself. And if you want the Wine Crate without the expansion…well, we don’t offer that option yet, but maybe in 2023 or 2024 if freight shipping improves."

Right now, Gaming Library will only be able to get the Viticulture World cooperative expansion, and not the wine crate up until shipping costs are more favorable.

More information about the design diary is here:


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