Viticulture Takes Over the World!

Viticulture Takes Over the World!

Exciting news from Stonemaier games: they just announced the new expansion for Viticulture: Viticulture World!

In the Viticulture World expansion, cooperate with members of your extended winemaking family (or play solo) in 7 asymmetric continents as you try to achieve global recognition. Balance the management of your individual vineyard with the combined effort of your fellow players to gain influence within the region.

Using a new game board, tiles, tokens, and event cards combined with the original vineyard mats and game cards, you have 6 years to achieve the two conditions necessary for victory in the selected region: (1) Each player must reach 25 victory points and (2) the shared influence token must reach the end of the influence track. The cooperation, objectives, and asymmetry in this expansion are similar to that of Spirit Island and Orleans: Invasion.


Get to know more information from Jamey Stegmaier himself in this video announcement.

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📷 Tim Chuon

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