New in Gaming Library: Stardew Valley, Canvas, Organ Attack, and more!

September 28, 2022
New in Gaming Library: Stardew Valley, Canvas, Organ Attack, and more! - Gaming Library
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Hello Gaming Library Fam!

Wake me up, when September ends... Why?
Because we have amazing new board games and restocks in!

Stardew Valley: The Board Game
  • …is back on our shelves! Stardew Valley is a cooperative board game where players work together throughout the seasons to farm, fish, befriend, and collect all kinds of resources to fulfill Grandpa’s Goal and restore the Community Center and save the valley from the nefarious JojaMart Corporation. Will you and your fellow players come together, take up the mantle, and face up to the challenge?


  • Want an abstract puzzle game based on competition and creativity? Canvas pits players against each other as painters in an art competition. Collect transparent art cards and layer three of them together to form a unique art piece. Think smart though–icons on each card determine whether you meet certain objectives and collect enough rosettes to determine whether you win. Is your artistic voice strong enough to win this game?

Organ Attack!

  • It sounds ominous, but we promise it’s actually fun. Organ Attack is the result of mixing accurate medical terminology with a splurge of toilet humor. Each player is dealt a set of organs, and by using different tactical cards like immunity to protect themselves or affliction to inflict damage on their opponents, must be the last player standing with at least one remaining organ. Do you have the guts to play this sickening game?

We’ve got plenty more board games (, , and  to name a few) that you might want to inquire about? Head now to your nearest Gaming Library branch, or by explore the Gaming Library website!

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