Gaming Library's 11th anniversary in All Aboard XP

February 27, 2022
Gaming Library's 11th anniversary in All Aboard XP - Gaming Library
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Come and celebrate Gaming Library's 11th anniversary in All Aboard XP! March 5, 2022 in East Atrium, Shangri-La Mall.

- Board Games
- Miniature Painting with Arcus Paints
- Dungeons and Dragons game
- Promos and prizes!

To register, you can sign up here.

Guidelines for All Aboard XP
1. Players must be fully vaccinated. Show your vaccination card in the registration table. (Booster vaccination card is much better, but not required at the moment. Kids are allowed to play as long as they are fully vaccinated.)
2. There is a 50 php fee for the whole day of gaming.
3. Players must wear masks at all times in the play area.
4. Players may also bring their own board games to play. There will also be demo copies of games provided by Gaming Library. Players are responsible for sanitizing and arranging games before and after playing.
5. First come, first serve. Tables are limited to follow social distancing guidelines.
6. Disinfectants/alcohol will available on each table provided by Gaming Library.
7. Food and drinks are not allowed in the play area, to avoid removing the mask and to keep the vicinity clean. (bottled water is allowed)

#GamingLib, 11 years for board gaming fun!

About Gaming Library

Gaming Library aims to be the go-to resource for board games, providing not only titles that can be enjoyed by families, but also to be enjoyed by friends both newcomers and veterans alike. By pulling from different resources from all over the world, we at Gaming Library curate an impressive collection of games for consumers to choose from, suitable for anybody from casual players to hardcore hobbyists. In doing so, we hope to provide the best means to foster activities that strengthen family ties and friendships, while teaching relevant skills and practical critical thinking that can be applied to your everyday life.

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