Gaming Library Featured at Executive Class

February 9, 2023
Gaming Library Featured at Executive Class - Gaming Library
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Executive Class host David Celdran interviews our Chief Meeple Hans Kenner Fernandez and spends a day learning more about board games at our play space All aBOARD XP at Uptown Mall, BGC.

"Whether it's a cerebral game like chess or pure luck like snakes and ladders few things bring friends and family together in ways a board game can", said David.

We totally agree with David. Finding an activity that the entire family can enjoy is a much more difficult task than you might think. However, a truly enjoyable board game can provide hours of entertainment for people of all ages (and maybe even bring your family closer together).

"While video games and consoles become outdated quickly classic board games continue to be enjoyed across generations with new titles created by younger ones every year."

The social aspect of tabletop games is far more satisfying. It's the little things, like actual eye contact, a pat on the back after a good move, and the ability to talk to one another without relying on a mic and some voice chat service, that make the experience truly memorable. A group of friends laughing, joking, and chatting around a table has a magical quality that sitting in front of a screen cannot replicate.

Moreover, cardboard and plastic do not run on electricity. Board games can be played almost anywhere and are a viable option when you need to disconnect for an hour or two from this increasingly connected world.


About Gaming Library

Gaming Library aims to be the go-to resource for board games, providing not only titles that can be enjoyed by families, but also to be enjoyed by friends both newcomers and veterans alike. By pulling from different resources from all over the world, we at Gaming Library curate an impressive collection of games for consumers to choose from, suitable for anybody from casual players to hardcore hobbyists. In doing so, we hope to provide the best means to foster activities that strengthen family ties and friendships, while teaching relevant skills and practical critical thinking that can be applied to your everyday life.

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