Fantasy Flight Has Announced Twilight Imperium Universe Game Twilight Inscription

September 13, 2022
Fantasy Flight Has Announced Twilight Imperium Universe Game Twilight Inscription - Gaming Library
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Twilight Inscription (not to be confused with the video game Inscryption), is a new Twilight Imperium Universe game from Fantasy Flight Games. The new stand-alone board game will be released later this year.

They're porting everything they can from the epic 8-hour or so 4X game Twilight Imperium into a roll-and-write game. This is a very popular activity with board games.

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"The Lazax Empire has burned to ash, rejected by its subjects. The aftermath was tragedy and petty conflict in equal measure, a time of loss and exhaustion. In the ensuing Dark Years, the factions of the galaxy retreated and recovered their strength. Now, they look upon the stars and see an opportunity—a chance to reclaim what was lost. A chance to redefine galactic civilization. A chance to leave their mark upon the stars."

The game, an epic roll-and-write game for one to eight players, provides an experience unlike anything else produced by Fantasy Flight Games. You'll need to carefully manage Navigation, Expansion, Industry, and Warfare as you amass victory points and earn your right to the throne on Mecatol Rex, with a limited pool of resources at your disposal. Will your faction become the new galactic rulers? Or will your fledgling empire be forgotten? In this strategic, infinitely replayable game, anything can happen!

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Key Features:

  • Twilight Inscription is a massive roll-and-write game in the same way that Twilight Imperium is a massive board game. Whereas most roll-and-write games require each player to fill out a single board (known as a "player sheet") as they play, Twilight Inscription requires you to fill out four!
  • A fantastic solo mode. If you play the game by yourself or with only one other person, you will face an AI opponent.
  • A fresh take on your favorite universe. Twilight Inscription is an entirely new way to immerse yourself in the Twilight Imperium universe. This is FFG's first foray into the roll-and-write genre, and the game is as epic and massive as anything in the TI universe should be.


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