10 Mensa Select Games to Build Mental Sharpness

May 1, 2023
10 Mensa Select Games to Build Mental Sharpness - Gaming Library
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Looking for a way to combine fun with a brainy challenge? Mensa Select board games might be just what you need. Board games offer many things: entertainment, social interaction, and learning, but these games boast the award for being some of the best in board game design. These games are all about having fun and getting players to think creatively and strategically, which really boosts teamwork!

Whether you’re a Mensa member, someone looking for a fun and engaging game, or someone who wants to impress friends, these award-winning titles are worth checking out. Read on to discover how these top-tier games can make game nights both thrilling and intellectually stimulating.

What is the Mensa Select Award for Games?

The Mensa Select seal is a prestigious award given by American Mensa, an organization for individuals with the highest IQs. With nearly 50,000 members in the U.S., Mensa hosts the annual Mind Games competition where over 50 games are judged.

The top five games receive the coveted Mensa Select seal, a mark of excellence in originality, gameplay, play value, aesthetics, and instructions. This means a game is fun and challenging, of great value, and easy to understand. Games that earn this seal are guaranteed to bring excitement and creativity to your game nights!

10 Mensa Select Board Games to Boost Team Brainpower

 1. Anomia (2010 Mensa Select Winner)

Anomia is all about quick thinking and fast reflexes. Players draw cards and face off when symbols match, shouting out examples of what’s on their opponent’s card. The pressure to think fast can lead to hilarious, brain-bending moments!

It’s perfect for team building because it encourages quick thinking and sharpens your attention. Plus, wild cards keep everyone on their toes, making sure the game stays unpredictable, challenging, and entertaining!

2. Akropolis (2023 Mensa Select Winner)

Akropolis (by Gigamic) is a game of strategy and construction. Players take on the role of ancient Greek architects, competing to build the most impressive city on the islands in the Mediterranean. Purchase a tile, expand it, or stack it to add to your city. Depending on their height and placement, each color can score differently and receive different amounts of victory points.

This Mensa select board game is satisfying especially when your city comes together. It encourages players to plan and execute complex strategies. Also, Akropolis was previously named Game of the Year at France’s prestigious As d’Or awards.

3. Architects of the West Kingdom (2019 Mensa Select Winner)

In Architects of the West Kingdom, you step into the shoes of royal architects competing to construct impressive landmarks. Set in the Carolingian Empire, players gather materials, hire apprentices, and keep an eye on their workforce.

The strategic decision-making required during ethical dilemmas makes this Mensa Select game great for team building. Will you stay virtuous, or dabble in shady deals? The moral choices add a layer of fun and intrigue. Check out Architects of the West Kingdom and see your coordination skills rise to new heights!

4. Boop (2023 Mensa Select Winner)

Boop (by Smirk & Laughter) is a fast-paced party game (on second thought, this might not be a party game) that challenges players to think on their feet. It’s an abstract strategy Mensa Select game about cats jumping on a bed and bouncing other cats off of it.

A deceptively adorable game, Boop is also fantastic for sharp thinking and strategic planning, fostering communication and quick decision-making. Brainy fun + cute cats + cerebral gamewhat’s not to love?

5. First in Flight (2024 Mensa Select Winner)

Soar to new heights together with First in Flight, a thrilling Mensa select board game that takes you back to the early days of aviation. Players become pioneering pilots, balancing risks and rewards as they test and improve their aircraft.

Strategize and collaborate to outpace rivals and set flight records. This game encourages planning, and shared excitement with every successful flight and dramatic crash. Jump into First in Flight and feel the thrill of taking on the skies with your team!

6. Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game (2022 Mensa Select Winner)

Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game is a fascinating Mensa select game where players dive into Mendel’s genetics experiments with pea plants. As his assistants, you’ll draft dice and place workers to gather data on plant traits like flower color and height. 

You and your fellow players need to work to get the best results and outsmart the competition. Mixing science and strategy, Genotype keeps the fun going strong.

7. Gunkimono (2019 Mensa Select Winner)

Become a powerful daimyo in feudal Japan while plotting military advances and building strongholds! In Gunkimono, players deploy squads of troops to gain victory points or save up for a stronghold to boost their army’s strength.

Why is this Mensa Select game great for team building? It involves strategic planning, managing resources, and watching your opponents closely. Players need to communicate and adjust their strategies to outsmart others. Enhance teamwork and critical thinking skills with this engaging game!

8. Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon (2021 Mensa Select Winner)

Designed by the award-winning Bruno Cathala, Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon lets you transform a desert into the lush Hanging Gardens of Babylon. You’ll plant flowers strategically to collect gems, which can be used to buy trees or upgrades for more points. Working to create a beautiful garden encourages strategic thinking, making Ishtar a great choice for any group looking to strengthen teamwork skills.

9. Mental Blocks (2021 Mensa Select Winner)

Mental Blocks is such a high-energy, 3D puzzle Mensa Select game that gets you thinking on your feet. Team up and tackle those 3D puzzles, with each player bringing their unique perspective and quirks—like only touching certain blocks or shapes.

Don’t forget that ticking clock, which adds that extra rush to get you working like a dream team and playing to each other’s strengths. Ready for a game night full of brain-teasing fun and epic team wins? Dive into Mental Blocks!

10. Vale of Eternity (2024 Mensa Select Winner)

In Vale of Eternity, players become tamers hunting various mythical creatures, with the ultimate goal of capturing majestic dragons. This game is fantastic for encouraging players to strategize to succeed.

Hunting, action, and resolution keep everyone engaged. It’s perfect for groups looking to enhance teamwork while going on a fantasy adventure! Ready to see if your team has what it takes to tackle legendary dragons?

Discover the Best Mensa Games with Gaming Library

The best Mensa Select games are fantastic for exercising your mind while having a great time. There’s something on the list of winners for everyone, whether you enjoy imaginative games like Boop or more strategic games like Akropolis.

Why not gather your peers and play one of these games? You never know what you might discover about yourself and your friends. Spice up your game night with these award-winning titles and have a blast together with fun mental challenges. Happy gaming!


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