First in Flight (Standard Edition)
First in Flight (Standard Edition)
First in Flight (Standard Edition)
First in Flight (Standard Edition)

First in Flight (Standard Edition)

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First in Flight is a fast-paced historical aviation game from designers Ben Rosset and Matthew O'Malley (The Search for Planet X, Between Two Cities). Take on the role of a pioneer in the race for heavier-than-air flight, balancing risks and rewards in the workshop and in your test flights. Uncover and repair the design flaws in your flyer to outpace your opponents, and make improvements to build your range. Will you crash and burn, or be first in flight?


Take actions by moving your pilot pawn to spaces around the game board. The player whose pilot pawn is farthest behind will always take the next action and can move to any available space, so players must strategically balance their priorities with efficiency. 

Actions include upgrading your flyer, repairing problems, drafting friends and technologies, and going on test flights to attempt to set new distance records.

To fly, players draw cards from their personal deck of flight, one at a time, to add to their total distance. But watch out — throughout your deck are flight problems that limit your available options and will end your flight early in a crash if you ever draw 4 of them. Skill cards will help you avoid problems and extend your flight until you decide it's time to land. 

Between flights, you have plenty of ways to prepare for your next attempt by iterating your design. Repair problems out of your deck and acquire new technologies and skills. Assemble powerful combinations that suit your strategy and play style.  

Relive the dawn of aviation with the historical figures that established heavier-than-air flight. Play as well-known pilots like Louis Bleriot, Bessie Coleman, and the Wright brothers, and receive help from figures like Paul Dunbar, Edith Berg, and Alexander Graham Bell. Experience the competitive spirit of this incredible age of innovation with beautiful artwork and illustrations. 


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