The Nominees are In: The Spiel des Jahres 2024 Unveiled!

June 24, 2024
The Nominees are In: The Spiel des Jahres 2024 Unveiled! - Gaming Library
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Ladies and gentlemen, the nominees for the 2024 Spiel des Jahres—Germany's "game of the year" award, akin to the Oscars or Emmys of the board gaming world—have been announced! Alongside, the nominees for the Kinderspiel des Jahres (KidJ) for children's game of the year and the Kennerspiel des Jahres (KedJ) for enthusiast's game of the year were also revealed.

Spiel des Jahres jury chairman Harald Schrapers and Kinderspiel des Jahres jury chairman Christoph Schlewinski rolled out the red carpet and announced the nominees, along with other recommended titles, on YouTube. These prestigious awards are the golden tickets to the board gaming elite, bringing games into the spotlight and recognizing excellence in design and gameplay.

Award recognition is crucial because it shines a spotlight on stellar games, driving their popularity and helping players discover top-notch experiences. Winning or even being nominated for a Spiel des Jahres can skyrocket a game's success, ensuring it reaches a broader audience and stands the test of time. It's the industry's way of celebrating creativity, innovation, and the joy of play.

Without further ado, here are the three titles nominated for Spiel des Jahres 2024:

• Captain Flip, from Remo Conzadori, Paolo Mori, and PlayPunk
• In the Footsteps of Darwin, from Grégory Grard, Matthieu Verdier, and Sorry We Are French
• Sky Team, from Luc Rémond and Scorpion Masqué (and from KOSMOS in Germany)



  • Harmonies
  • Passt nicht!
  • Phantom Ink
  • Schätz it if you can
  • Trekking Through History
  • Trio


Nominations for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2024 went to:

• Daybreak, from Matt Leacock, Matteo Menapace, and CMYK (and from Schmidt Spiele in Germany)
• The Guild of Merchant Explorers, from Matthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilbert, and AEG (and from Skellig Games in Germany)
• Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West, from Alan R. Moon, Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock, and Days of Wonder



  • Bier Pioniere
  • Botanicus
  • Forest Shuffle
  • Ritual


The titles nominated for Kinderspiel des Jahres 2024 are:

• Große kleine Edelsteine, from Wolfgang Warsch and Schmidt Spiele
• Die magischen Schlüssel, from Markus Slawitscheck, Arno Steinwender, and Happy Baobab (and from Game Factory in Germany)
• Taco Kitten Pizza, from Dave Campbell, Thierry Denoual, and Blue Orange


  • Fluffy Valley
  • Lecker Lava
  • Die Nadel im Heuhaufen


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