Forge Unbreakable Bonds with These 9 Games for Cooperation and Teamwork

August 25, 2023
Forge Unbreakable Bonds with These 9 Games for Cooperation and Teamwork - Gaming Library
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Sometimes we just need a teamwork boot camp. Sometimes, board games for team building can be just that—they just happen to be wrapped in a box. They challenge you to strategize, communicate well with one another, and get more in sync with your teammates so you pull off epic wins together. In games like Pandemic—read on below for further info!—you and your team become disease-fighting heroes, learning that saving the world is a team sport. As the dice roll and the cards fly, you'll discover that a victory shared is a victory savored.

Board games aren't just fun – they're brain-boosting fun. By working together and tackling unexpected challenges, you all learn to be masters of quick thinking and creative problem-solving. You also learn more about how each of you as a member of your team operate; from your personalities and plans of attack, to your weaknesses and subsequent compensation techniques These are the same skills that'll have you conquering real-life challenges like a champ, all while high-fiving your teammates for being the ultimate dream team.

So, next time someone suggests a game night, jump on board – quite literally! With every roll of the dice and every cunning strategy devised, you'll be boosting your teamwork prowess and fostering bonds that'll stand the test of time. Board games aren't just entertainment—they're your ticket to leveling up your cooperation skills in the most enjoyable way possible. Read on further for our nine titles perfect for team building activities! All titles are available in stores and online at

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Gaming Library Pandemic



1. Pandemic

In the game Pandemic, you and your friends step into the shoes of disease-fighting superheroes, each with unique abilities to battle virulent plagues that have erupted worldwide. As a team, you'll jet between cities, treat infections, and hunt for cures together. Whether you’re building vital research stations as the Operations Expert or racing to cure diseases as the quick-thinking Scientist, every role is crucial and adds its own flair to your strategy.

This is the ultimate team-building adventure for cooperation and teamwork, as it requires close communication and collaborative planning to succeed. The fun really begins when unexpected Epidemic! cards pop up, challenging your team to think on their feet and adapt your strategies on the fly. This dynamic environment not only makes each game session uniquely engaging but also highlights the importance of each player’s contribution to the team's success.


Just One - Gaming Library


 2. Just One

Just One is a lively, cooperative party game that turns guesswork into a riot of fun and teamwork! Here’s the scoop: your group faces off against 13 mystery words, and it's up to everyone to brainstorm clues to help the guesser figure out each word. The twist? If your clues are too similar to someone else’s, they get canceled—poof, gone! So creativity is key.

This game is a fantastic pick for team-building because it nudges players to think outside the box and work closely together without stepping on each other’s toes. It’s about striking the perfect balance between being unique and being helpful, pushing teams to dive deep into their creative wells. Perfect for any game night, Just One promises loads of giggles and tight-knit team dynamics. Also available, Just One Philippine Edition -- a must-have for your balikbayan family!


That Sound Game

3. That Sound Game

Get ready for That Sound Game where teams guess categories like Actions or Nature using only sounds—no hands allowed! 

Among the best board games for team-building, this uproarious game fuels laughter and bolsters teamwork. Players must listen intently and think creatively to communicate effectively without words. Lifelines like "Uncuff Me" allow hand gestures for more expressive clues, while "Steal" lets opponents try to snatch answers, adding a strategic layer. Ideal for team-building, this game enhances cooperation and sharpens group dynamics, ensuring a night filled with laughter and lively challenges. 



4. Dekalko

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with Dekalko, where quick sketches lead to bursts of laughter! No need for Picasso skills here; this game is all about tracing pictures as fast as you can and then guessing what each frenzied masterpiece was supposed to be. Opt to keep it simple or add a flurry of details for better (or worse) recognition, but remember, once the original image is hidden, your drawing might just turn into a hilarious mystery.

Perfect for team-building, Dekalko encourages players to communicate and collaborate as they interpret each other’s creative efforts. With 200 unique images across themes like animals and sports, there’s never a dull moment. This game not only sparks creativity but also fosters a lively atmosphere of support and teamwork. As players laugh over each unrecognizable depiction, they’ll learn to appreciate different perspectives and improve their cooperative skills in the most enjoyable way. 

Gaming Library Hand-to-Hand Wombat

5. Hand-to-Hand Wombat

Hand-to-Hand Wombat is a lively game that mixes stealth, strategy, and deception. Players are secretly assigned as either Good Wombats, tasked with building three pyramidal towers, or Bad Wombats, intent on sabotaging their efforts. With their eyes closed, Good Wombats cooperatively construct towers using scattered pieces, while Bad Wombats, disguised among them, subtly undermine the structures.

The real excitement unfolds when the timer stops, and everyone opens their eyes. This transition sparks animated discussions, debates, and a decisive vote to identify the saboteurs. This playful yet challenging environment is a perfect game for cooperation and teamwork as it encourages communication, strategic planning, and quick thinking. Players must collaborate effectively and discern allies from foes, enhancing team dynamics and trust.

Gaming Library Dixit

6. Dixit

While it doesn’t technically fall under the cooperative category of board games, Dixit is a terrific game choice for team building. As a captivating storytelling game that immerses players in a world of imagination and perception, Dixit has each player taking turns as the storyteller who selects a card from their hand to inspire a one-sentence story. The challenge for the other players is to choose a card from their own hands that best matches the story, leading to a fascinating mix of guesswork and strategy as each card is unveiled.

This setup is excellent for team building as it encourages players to engage deeply with one another’s thoughts and creativity. The game nurtures empathy and understanding, with players learning to intuit and appreciate the narrative styles of their teammates. This process strengthens interpersonal connections and enhances cognitive abilities by requiring players to think critically and creatively. What are you waiting for? Engage in gameplay that fosters group cohesion and strategic thinking!


Lift It Party - Gaming Library

7. Lift It! Party

Lift It! Party brings a twist to game night with a dexterity challenge that’s as hilarious as it is engaging. Players race to build structures from colorful blocks, but here’s the catch: no hands allowed! Instead, each participant uses a crane attached to their forehead, turning a simple task into a test of coordination, balance, and teamwork.

One of the most fantastic board games for team building. This game pushes players to communicate and collaborate under pressure. As each person maneuvers their crane to replicate the structure on their card, teammates can offer guidance and support, turning each building attempt into a cooperative effort. The unusual method of construction not only breaks the ice among players but also leads to bursts of laughter and joy. Truthfully, it’s perfect for anyone looking to foster teamwork and unity while having a ton of fun.


Chronicles of Crime: The Millennium Series Collector's Box and Playmat - Gaming Library


8. Chronicles of Crime

In Chronicles of Crime, you and your team will investigate intricate cases, using your wits, deduction skills, and the latest in forensic science to solve the toughest crimes. Each scenario presents a unique challenge, so you’ll need to communicate effectively, share information, and collaborate closely to unravel the mysteries within the time limit.

This game is a fantastic tool for team building and fostering teamwork. Players must work together, leveraging each other’s strengths and insights to piece together clues, analyze evidence, and ultimately solve the case. Communication is also key, as you’ll need to discuss theories, share findings, and coordinate your actions to succeed. Plus, the adrenaline rush of solving a mystery together creates a strong sense of camaraderie and accomplishment among players, making it an unforgettable team-building experience!

Sky Team - Gaming Library

9. Sky Team

Get ready to take to the skies as a team in Sky Team! In this game, players work as a team of pilots managing an airline, facing various challenges and decisions as they strive to build the most successful airline in the world. From managing routes and resources to dealing with unexpected events and crises, every decision you make will impact your airline's success and your passengers’ satisfaction.

Sky Team is perfect for team building, requiring players to collaborate closely to achieve shared goals. You’ll need to communicate effectively, strategize together, and delegate tasks efficiently to ensure the smooth operation of your airline. Whether you're coordinating flight schedules, allocating resources, or responding to emergencies, teamwork is essential for success. By working together to overcome challenges and achieve success, Sky Team fosters strong bonds and promotes collaboration among players, making it an ideal game for cooperation and teamwork!

Play the Best Board Games for Team Building!

These games are just a glimpse of the exciting world you can enter when you play teamwork-centric board games. From strategy to communication, these games offer a fun and engaging way for colleagues to bond and work together toward a common goal. So, assemble your squad, dive headfirst into the excitement, and let the good times roll!

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