Settlers' Showdown: The Northern Catan Tournament

March 25, 2024
Settlers' Showdown: The Northern Catan Tournament - Gaming Library
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Resources gathered, roads paved, and cities built as players vied for dominance over the fertile lands of Catan! The event was held at  March 23, 2024, at Gaming Library's SM North branch.


Gathered within its walls were enterprising settlers and shrewd traders, among them Gabriel Jr Katipunan and Adrian Basa, esteemed contenders who had proven their mettle in the previous All Aboard EXPO's Tournament, both having secured a place in the top 4.


With the resonance of dice rolls and the shuffle of cards, the tournament unfolded over the course of three intense hours.



When the final settlement was established and the dust of competition settled, the champions emerged. Juwaln Diego Descallar claimed the coveted title of the victor, earning the prestigious Catan Hexadocks Base Set as a testament to his strategic prowess. John Wilkins Mendoza, secured second place and was rewarded with four packs of Catan Gamegenic Sleeves, a symbol of his tenacity and skill.


Yet, amidst the triumphs and victories, the desire for greater challenges lingered in the hearts of many. Some players voiced their aspirations for larger tournaments, yearning for more competitors to test their abilities against, and to further enrich the tapestry of their Catan experiences.


Join us at Gaming Library's SM North branch, where the passion for Catan ignites friendships and fosters unforgettable moments. Visit our Facebook Community Page and become part of our thriving community, where settlers of all levels come together to trade, build, and compete.

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