The Best Travel Games in 2024

February 26, 2024
The Best Travel Games in 2024 - Gaming Library
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The Best Travel Games in 2024

Summer is just around the corner. When you’re on the go and think you might have some downtime, tossing a couple of board games into your suitcase can be the ultimate vacation victory! Whether you find yourself in an airport, cruising on a bus, cooped up in a hotel room or waiting for your one friend who is always late (kidding!), packing along a pair of board games is a splendid strategy for relaxation and perhaps forming some newfound friendships.

These travel-friendly board games blend strategy, social deduction, and resource management without burdening you with big boxes or the hassle of hoarding heaps of cards, dice, and miniatures. Take a peek at our top picks for the crème de la crème games to accompany you on your travel escapades! 🌴🎲


Sound Fishy - Travel Edition

Sounds Fishy Travel Ed - Gaming Library 

Dive into the ocean of excitement with our fin-tastic travel game – "Sounds Fishy"! 🐟🌍 It's not your typical board game, oh no! It's a fast-flipping, scale-tipping, and all-around fantastic blend of Balderdash and The Chameleon.

No fishy facts in your net? No problemo! You don't need a treasure trove of trivia – just let your imagination swim wild and make a splash with your creativity! This is one of my favorite party game because it is super fun to hear wild answers, and trying to figure out which one is true. There is something for every player under the sun (or sea)! 🎲🐠 

The Travel Edition comes in a tin can, with 50 questions and with 7 fish cards, perfect for easy carry-on. Moreover, what's more thematic than playing a fish themed game while on the beach! 🌞🌊


Spot It! 


Spot It! has rightfully earned its place in the gaming hall of fame with dozens of awards and a variety of versions that cater to every taste. This card game gem is a masterclass in elegant gameplay, capturing the attention of players around the globe.

Spot It! is no ordinary card game—it's a test of your observational prowess and reflexes. The premise is simple: spot the matching image on two cards before anyone else. The catch? For any two cards in the deck, only one item will match. It's a stroke of game design genius that turns every round into a thrilling challenge.

Recently, my brother played this game with our niece during a vacation in Iloilo, and the youngster demolished my brother in Spot It! Hahaha! This game is a riot! This game comes in a tin can so you can bring this almost anywhere.

Read more about Spot It! - Where Quick Reflexes Meet Mathematical Marvels here.


Mind Up 


Gear up for a brainy adventure with Mind Up! 🧠🃏 This ingenious card game is like a mental marathon that'll keep you hooked from the first draw to the final tally.

Mind Up is a tableau-building showdown where each player lays down a card, creating a cascade of cleverness below. It's not just about the cards; it's about strategy, sly moves, and a dash of empathy. As the cards align in ascending order, it's a mind-melding masterpiece! 🌌✨ Grab the card above your latest masterpiece and watch your tableau grow with potential points, like a garden of strategic success.

This game unlocks a different side of your brain. It combines strategy with trying to guess how other players play. It’s simple to teach and learn and it comes in a small portable box!

Sea Salt & Paper


I'm absolutely smitten with this game! 🌊🧡 Origami art? Count me in! They have referenced designs by Tomoko Fuse, and I am a big fan! Sea Salt & Paper is like the perfect blend of pushing your luck and collecting sets. It's straightforward, yet there's a sea of strategy beneath the surface. No wonder it got the Spiel des Jahres recommendation in 2023!

Dive into the salty adventures of Sea Salt & Paper, where the challenge is to craft an ocean from neatly folded paper and ride the waves of strategic card play! 🚢🌊 Imagine assembling your hand of cards, unleashing their effects, and seizing the initiative to halt the round. Do you have the maritime mettle to give your rivals one final turn, all while aiming to maximize your own points in this nautical quest?

In the game's watery embrace, players navigate the ebb and flow of their hands, aiming to gather sets of cards that rival the grandeur of a sunlit sea. Sink or swim, risk it all or play it safe... you're the captain of your destiny in this aquatic adventure! 🌅🃏


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (PH Edition, with Tarsier Card) - Gaming Library 

This game has everything: adorable cards, lightning-fast reflexes, and just a sprinkle of playful table-slapping action! 🌮🐱🐐🧀🍕 Gather 'round with your family and friends because Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is not just a game; it's a perfect palate cleanser after a marathon of heavy gaming.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is bound to inject some card-slapping belly laughs into your gaming sessions. And the best part? Everyone, and I mean everyone, can join in on the fun! Discover why the entire gaming universe is buzzing about this chart-topping sensation – it's quick, it's fun, and it's all about creating good vibes! 🚀😄 This addictive game is as one-of-a-kind as its quirky name. This is a power-packed, lightning-round party game where you race against each other to SLAP a match between a card and a spoken word. (Make sure you remove rings and bracelets before playing this game) But, beware! Your mind might just play a few tricks on you. Designed for maximum fun, this game is a rollercoaster of excitement! 🎢🃏

Here's the kicker: here's this fantastic new tarsier card, and it's exclusive to the Philippine version of the game. Now, that's what I call representation done right! 




Get ready for a playful card game that's all about threesomes – and no, it's not what you're thinking! 😄🃏 Nana, later revamped as Trio, throws you into a pursuit of triplets that steals the spotlight! 

With a deck of 36 cards numbered 1-12 in triplicate, the game kicks off with players getting a mix of cards from low to high, while the rest secretly linger on the table. It's a dance dance of revelation on your turn – choose a card, any card, and uncover the low or high secrets hidden in a fellow player's hand. Or, spice it up by revealing a face-down card from the middle. 

Secure three cards of the same number, and presto, you've got yourself a set! But watch out, the race is on to be the first to assemble three sets and claim victory – especially if you're the nimble player snatching the set of 7s! 🏆 This game is the perfect blend of strategy, luck, and memory, making it an absolute delight to dive into. Let the trio-chasing fun begin! 🌟



When you're on the go, the gaming options are endless, but board games? They're my top pick for kicking back with pals. No need for electricity or a solid internet signal – just good old-fashioned fun! Plus, these games are the cream of the crop for travel; they pack up like a charm and are a breeze to pick up and play. 🎲🌍


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