Roll and Write : Why are they so good?

October 18, 2019
Roll and Write : Why are they so good? - Gaming Library
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by Willo Turingan

Is it the rolling or the writing? We’ve witnessed the rise of the genre in board gaming lately. What makes the genre stand out from the other board games? Let’s see why we find roll and write games so satisfying and fun!


Dice rolling in board games make or break the game. Players don’t find depending on a roll of the dice fun. It stresses some out because they know the probability of rolling exactly what they want is almost 1%, the more you want it the less it’ll come out (yes the dice gods are always against us). BUT the demon inside us, whispering “there’s a chance” into our ears, feeding the greed inside all of us is what we love about dice rolling.You already know the statistics, but you still choose to roll the dice. Why? Because there’s the 1%, a chance. 


Writing in board games has pretty much been there since the old games, from Pictionary drawings to writing words on Boggle. Keeping records and notes of things to use in an efficient way is something we love doing. From budgeting our monthly income to grouping the Skittles in their colors to know which flavor is gonna be eaten last (sponsor me). But is it the reason why we love playing roll and writes?



I have played many roll and write games lately to the extent of designing one myself. I found out that the thrill of getting the numbers you want while recording the things you get instead is the reason why I’m loving the genre. Trying to be the most efficient with what you have while thinking that you have a chance of getting the perfect roll eventually completing your goal. Having the perfect plan but knowing that the rolls will not give you what you need, so you start making contingency plans A, B, C, and so on. That switch in your brain when you get a roll that you did not need but somehow sped up your plan. The yelling, calling out, shouting of you and your friends to get that perfect roll and then eventually rolling it! 

The combination of writing your plan and the thrill of rolling dice is what makes this genre great. Not just the writing alone, not the rolling alone, both working together making a complex machine that’s accessible and portable. They're just really good fun.
If you haven't tried the genre yet I suggest you try them now! Browse our collection to see which one is best for you and your family. Try Brikks *wink* 

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