Raxxon: A New Crisis Emerges

August 3, 2017
Raxxon: A New Crisis Emerges - Gaming Library
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Raxxon Pharmaceuticals is dedicated in keeping you and your family safe and secure. There is no need to panic. Everything is under control.  

Last July, Gaming Library received a mysterious package from Raxxon Pharmaceuticals. No one in the office was aware of why and how it found its way here, but it seemed urgent enough to warrant our attention.



The package turned out to be an Evacuation Kit from Raxxon Pharmaceuticals. The Evacuation Kit came with a letter urging Gaming Library to team up with Raxxon and work on solving a crisis on many fronts (contain the infected, placate the unruly, and evacuate the healthy) and to help in recruiting new teams to the initiative.

Deliberations on what to do with the package was long and stressful. Eventually at the behest of fellow gamers, we accepted Raxxon’s offer.

The initial impetus to recruit more teams led us to forming a selection process that was thorough but still quick at the same time. An open call was made to all who were interested to apply and present a four-item crisis survival pack and to explain why they should be the ones to lead the evacuation initiative in their area. We gave the hopefuls a four-day leeway and the responses came in immediately after.



A winner was chosen, and two others were drafted into the program, completing Raxxon’s request for three more candidates from the Gaming Library team. We have completed securing recruits and it would be up to them to answer the call. The GL team only had one thing left to do: Save the world. Or at least try to.

Image courtesy of Renz Pedro

Meme courtesy of Renz Pedro. The results can be seen on Facebook.


For more updates on the Raxxon initiative, follow the Gaming Library blog, Sounding Board and Gaming Library on social media (Facebook and Instagram.) Follow the hashtags #teamglraxxon, #trustraxxon, and #burnraxxon to follow live. More details about the metagame Raxxon and the actual board game on myraxxon.com and Raxxon’s BoardGameGeek page. Raxxon is designed by J. Arthur Ellis and is published by Plaid Hat Games and plays 1-4 players. This message is approved by Raxxon Pharmaceuticals. Humanity Thrives on Raxxon!

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