New @ GL: Dice Tower Award Nominees!

May 8, 2023
New @ GL: Dice Tower Award Nominees! - Gaming Library
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Hello Gaming Library Family!

We want to highlight the best board games (according to Dice Tower Awards).

And since great new titles are always popping up in our stores (Right? Like, why are y’all even surprised?), we believe it’s our good samaritan duty and right to share the news of these titles with you. This announcement comes hot on the heels of the upcoming Dice Tower Awards for 2022.


The Dice Tower, which started in 2005, is a network of content creators that promote board and card games. Tom Vasel, together with a slew of gaming enthusiasts, work to promote any and all areas of the hobby, as well as all prominent people involved. Their award program, the Dice Tower Awards began in 2007 and has been giving out awards in categories including Artwork, Small Publisher, New Designer, and Game of the Year!

With that in mind, the following are titles that are also nominated in this year’s Dice Tower Awards 2022, so we want to know which of these games you’re looking forward to playing at All aBOARD XP (or better yet, which one are you interested in purchasing)!


Flamecraft (Standard Edition)


  • Flamecraft
    • Set the board ablaze in Flamecraft; wherein players as Flamekeepers gather items, place magical Artisan Dragons in their ideal homes, and use enchantments to either enhance the shops of the town or entice these dragons into doing wondrous things. Each dragon specializes in either bread, meat, iron, crystal, or potions, and you as a Flamekeeper know which of the town’s shops will be the best home for each dragon. Build yourself a shining reputation by aiding and befriending the dragons and shopkeepers to secure victory! Flamecraft is both immensely fun as well as visually astounding, with gorgeous art and cute components that pull players into the world of the game. Will you be the best Flamekeeper in the town? Flamecraft is nominated for Best Welcoming Game, Best Board Game Production Value, Best Artwork, Best Game from a Small Publisher, and Game of the Year 2022!
  • Boop.
    • …is a deceptively cute yet challenging abstract strategy game between two players. Each time a kitten is placed on the quilted, fabric board that lays over the back of the game box; the ‘bed,’ it goes “boop,” pushing every other kitten on the board one space away. Players line three kittens up in a row to graduate them into cats. First to three cats in a row wins the game, but with both players constantly “booping” kittens around, that isn’t easy. Can you “boop” your cats into position to win, or will you just get “booped” right off the bed? Boop. is nominated in three categories: Best Welcoming Game alongside Flamecraft, Best Two-Player Game, and Best Game from a New Designer!


Heat: Pedal to the Metal


  • Heat: Pedal to the Metal
    • Heat: Pedal to the Metal puts players in the driver's seat of intense car races, vying to cross the finish line first, while managing their car's speed so they don't overheat. Players select the right upgrades for their car, customizing before each race so their car hugs the curves and keeps their engine cool enough to maintain top speeds and claim the top spot of the podium. Factors such as the weather, road conditions, and events will change every race to spice up the championship and keep drivers - players - on their toes. Ultimately though, driving skill is the key to victory! Heat: Pedal to the Metal is nominated for Best Solo Game, Best Theming, and Game of the Year 2022.




  • CoraQuest
    • CoraQuest is a co-operative dungeon crawling game for one to four players, working together to guide four adventurers through a dungeon. Together, they avoid traps, find treasure, fight monsters, and sometimes rescue a gnome called Kevin. As a game that provides encouragement and guidance on how to create heroes, monsters, and adventures, playing it sparks creativity and invites players to make CoraQuest their own. CoraQuest is vying for the categories of Best Co-Op, Best Game from a Small Publisher, and Best Game from a New Designer.
Turing Machine
  • Turing Machine
    • Turing Machine is a fascinating and competitive deduction game where players question an analog proto-computer with unique components and unique, never-before-seen perforated cards. Their goal being to find the secret code before their competitors by cleverly questioning the machine. With more than seven million problems from simple to mind-staggeringly complex combinations, the gameplay is practically endless! Are you ready for an intense cerebral gaming experience? If it wins, Turing Machine has a chance to walk home with the Most Innovative Game award for 2022.


Wonderland's War


  • Wonderland’s War
    • In Wonderland's War, up to five players in this Alice in Wonderland-inspired game take on roles as faction leaders who have been invited to the Hatter's tea party. Players drink tea and eat cake as they move around the table drafting cards to gather forces, build towers, upgrade leaders, and recruit Wonderlandians to their cause—but be careful! Shards of the Looking Glass are spread throughout Wonderland. Once all the plates are empty, the Tea Party ends and war begins. Using forces the players have gathered, they battle enemies in familiar locations, making sure not to draw Madness chips or their supporters will abandon them. After all the battles have been fought, a truce is called and everyone meets back at the tea party to plot their moves for the next fight. After three rounds, the faction with the most points will be crowned as the new leader of Wonderland! Wonderland’s War is competing for the titles of Best Theming, Best Board Game Production Value, Best Artwork, and Game of the Year 2022!

Check out the full list of nominees here:

We’ve got plenty more drops coming, such as the expansions for Dune: Imperium (Immortality and Rise of Ix), Viticulture World: Cooperative, and Wingspan: Asia—all of which are nominated for Best Expansion—so head now to your nearest Gaming Library branch, or visit the Gaming Library website! And don’t miss out on GLive Game Night’s official Fearless Forecast for the Dice Tower Awards 2022!


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