Gaming Library’s First Tournament of 2024 - Wingspan

January 31, 2024
Gaming Library’s First Tournament of 2024 - Wingspan - Gaming Library
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Feathered friends and game enthusiasts flocked together on January 27, 2024, for the much-awaited Wingspan Tournament – a spectacular spectacle of strategic maneuvers and spirited rivalries. Nestled in the Gaming Library SM North Branch, this event attracted a chirpy crew of 16 participants, all fluttering with excitement, eager to soar to the prestigious title of Wingspan Champion. The air was abuzz with the thrill of gameplay and the promise of crowning our ultimate winged victor! 🦉🎲

The day kicked off promptly at 10 AM for the registration. Fifteen minutes was given for pre-registered participants to show up and it allowed people to settle down and get ready.

The tournament has two preliminary Swiss rounds to be followed by a final round for the top 4 contenders, filling the day with excitement and suspense.


Notable among the participants was Chago Capala, the esteemed reigning Cascadia Champion, whose presence added an extra layer of prestige to the event. Capala's seasoned expertise and formidable skills added to the intensity of the competition, making every match a thrilling showdown.



Among the competitors, a fresh face emerged as the ultimate victor: Zenn Louie Reyes. It's a delightful surprise to many, as they had not previously seen this newcomer in past board game tournaments.

One of the most remarkable highlights of the tournament was the astounding high score he achieved. He managed to secure a staggering score of 115 points during a preliminary round. His ability to pivot to different strategies per game left spectators in awe.

Zenn claimed the title of Wingspan Champion and everyone cheered as he received the grand prize in his hands - a brand new copy of Wingspan Nesting Box! His triumph serves as a testament to the inclusive nature of the Wingspan board game, where newcomers and seasoned veterans alike come together to enjoy the smooth engine building game by Stonemaier Games.

At Gaming Library, we're passionate about more than just games; we're dedicated to fostering connections and creating memorable experiences. Our community page is the perfect hub for gamers of all levels to come together, share tips and tricks, and engage in both friendly matches and thrilling competitive showdowns.

Join our Community Page and we’ll see you at the next tournament!

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