Gaming Library is newest Philippine distributor of Skybound Games, Quined Games, and Oink Games - Gaming Library

Gaming Library is newest Philippine distributor of Skybound Games, Qui

Gaming Library continues to fill its shelves as it becomes the official distributor of three popular board game publications: Skybound Games, Quined Games, and Oink Games!


Skybound Games is an entertainment company who creates content for a variety of platforms. Apart from producing a range of film, TV, online, VR, interactive, and tabletop gaming content, Skybound Games represent over 30 comic book titles and creators and has its own merchandise and licensing programs! Two of its hit board games are superhero-themed Superfight and dating game simulation Red Flags.


Quined Games has its roots in the Netherlands. They publish board and card games that are strategic, and encourage interaction between players. Games created by Quined Games include Vanuatu, which has players experiencing island life, and Carson City, which takes place in the action-packed Wild West.


Lastly, Oink Games is a Japan-based game publisher known for its diverse and compact collection of board games. One of its well-loved titles is Deep Sea Adventure. It is an enjoyable social game that brings players on a journey underwater, where treasures await.


Inject more fun into your game nights with these newest additions to the Gaming Library roster! Visit us at Greenbelt 5 and Alter Ego at Shangri-La Plaza Mall and check out these hot titles.

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