Gaming Library Hosts “The Essence Of Brotherly Play: Board Game Edition”

March 23, 2023
Gaming Library Hosts “The Essence Of Brotherly Play: Board Game Edition” - Gaming Library
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Roll 20 for brotherly love.

Hello Gaming Library Family!

One of our core values hinges on family, friendship, and building bonds through board games. As players, we all know and recognize the ways in which through tabletop gameplay, we learn about ourselves and our fellow players; whether through strategizing as teams or competing to outsmart each other and win. Adding to that the fact that there’s nothing like bonding with one another together in person, it’s a bond that’s specific, dare we say, exclusive to playing board games.

All this and more our CEO Hans Kenner Fernandez shares more about this bond with great enthusiasm in “The Essence of Brotherly Play: Board Game Edition,” an event in partnership between Gaming Library and the LSM Instructional Media Center/Library at the Lourdes School of Mandaluyong Guidance Center.

In alignment with their Healthy Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul (#HHMBS) advocacy, Hans facilitated board game play to show the students of LSM how board games affect memory, logic, reasoning, and social skills.

Scroll down further to see photos of the event! And if you’re looking for a board game experience similar to this, check out All aBOARD XP in Uptown Mall, BGC for sessions, great new board games such as Tapple, Herd Mentality, and Turing Machine, or any of your board game needs!
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