Best-Selling Board Games for 2022

January 11, 2023
Best-Selling Board Games for 2022 - Gaming Library
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Hello Gaming Library Family!

2022 was… a year.

Events in the realm of board gaming in 2022 were quite quaint, to say the least. Post-pandemic calm allowed for more in-person interaction, so players could gather around the game table once more. Customs opened up as well, so many of the highly-anticipated new titles could finally make their way to other countries. The annual convention circuit is slowly getting back in full swing, garnering almost pre-pandemic attendance rates at marquee events like Essen Spiel. All this leading up to a fresh crop of board games that we want to celebrate for 2022.

We would like to thank everyone for your support. It was a great year of gaming: great new games, great friends and even a great hangout place in All Aboard XP. 😀

Here are the best-selling board games of 2022. Most of these titles are now available in stores and on the Gaming Library website!


Wingspan Asia 

Wingspan and Wingspan: Asia

Wingspan is an exciting nature-themed board game that won Game of the Year multiple times in 2019. Its expansion Wingspan: Asia has also just been released to great fanfare! Players compete to build and maintain thriving bird habitats that attract more bird species and hopefully score them the most points. Known for its unique approach to strategy, gorgeous game design, and stellar replay value, Wingspan is great for both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

  Stardew Valley: The Board Game

Stardew Valley: The Board Game

…is a cooperative game where players work together throughout the seasons to farm, fish, befriend, and collect all kinds of resources to fulfill Grandpa’s Goal and restore the Community Center and save the valley from the nefarious JojaMart Corporation. Will you and your fellow players come together, take up the mantle, and face up to the challenge?



Canvas and Canvas: Reflections
Want an abstract puzzle game based on competition and creativity? Canvas pits players against each other as painters in an art competition. Collect transparent art cards and layer three of them together to form a unique art piece. Think smart though–icons on each card determine whether you meet certain objectives and collect enough rosettes to determine whether you win. Is your artistic voice strong enough to win this game?




Set the board ablaze in Flamecraft; wherein players as Flamekeepers gather items, place magical Artisan Dragons in their ideal homes, and use enchantments to either enhance the shops of the town or entice these dragons into doing wondrous things. Each dragon specializes in either bread, meat, iron, crystal, or potions, and you as a Flamekeeper know which of the town’s shops will be the best home for each dragon. Build yourself a shining reputation by aiding and befriending the dragons and shopkeepers to secure victory! Flamecraft is both immensely fun as well as visually astounding, with gorgeous art and cute components that pull players into the world of the game. Will you be the best Flamekeeper in the town? Dracarys!



Just One PH

…Is a cooperative, guess-the-word party game in which players try to discover as many mystery words as possible. Over 13 cards, players will coordinate with one another to give the best clues to help their teammates guess the word. There’s a catch, though: giving clues similar to the last will get you canceled, so be unique!


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza 

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

…is both a delicious mouthful as well as a simple fast-paced card game. Similarly to Snap and Dobble, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza has players taking turns placing cards from their hands face up in a community pile while saying either ‘taco,’ ‘cat,’ ‘goat,’ ‘cheese,’ or ‘pizza’ in a sequence. Once the cards and the players complete the mantra, BAM! All players slap their hands on the community pile, with the last player to do so picking up all the cards in the pile. Additionally, special action cards such as the gorilla, narwhal, and groundhog, force other players to make certain gestures before racing to slap the deck. The first person to get rid of all the cards in their hand wins! Will you–or your palms–survive a grueling round of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza?



Ark Nova

Ark Nova is a game that has players design modern, scientifically managed zoos, with the ultimate goal of owning the most successful zoological establishment. They do so by building enclosures, accommodating animals, and supporting conservation projects through turn-based actions. With fast pacing and great replay value, Ark Nova holds to its name several Game of the Year titles in 2022.



Stick Stack

Being stuck with sticks in Stick Stack isn’t ideal, so players compete to place them as carefully as they can on the wobble tower in the center of the playing area. By drawing a stick from the bag or choosing one of the sticks in front of them each turn, players place that stick onto the tower—but only the colors on that stack may touch matching colors on the crow's nest or on other sticks that have already been placed. When all sticks have been placed onto the tower or when the tower falls over, the game ends. The player with the lowest score wins! Will you turn the tides on your fellow players in the tricky-yet-fun game of Stick Stack?


Gaming Library Tapple Fast Word Fun for the Whole Family 


Tapple is a fast-paced word game that’s great for parties. In each round, a player draws a topic card, then starts the timer. In the next ten seconds, that player must give a word that relates to the topic, press down the letter key that corresponds to the first letter of that word on the game’s electronic device, and restart the timer. The next player must then think of a word for the topic that starts with a different letter; wash, rinse, and repeat. Players that go past the timer are out for that round, and new topic cards are drawn if all players but one are out. Depending on eliminations, the stakes get higher with each round, and the more exciting the game gets! Whoever collects the most topic cards wins.



Dixit is a creative storytelling guessing game that both stimulates imagination and sharpens players’ cognitive perception. Each player takes turns being the storyteller, choosing from one of six cards in their hand to inform their one-sentence story they share with fellow players. The other players must now select a card from each of their hands that best matches the story and give that to the storyteller. The storyteller now shuffles the card they chose with those they received, and presents them all face up. The players must now determine which of the cards is the storyteller’s. The key here is effective storytelling: if none or all players guess the correct card, all other players score 2 points while the storyteller scores 0. But a player that determines the correct card scores 3 points for the storyteller and themselves. All other players score 1 point for every vote on their card. First player to 30 points wins.


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