As d'Or / Game of the Year 2023

February 28, 2023
As d'Or / Game of the Year 2023 - Gaming Library
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The As d'Or or Game of the Year award, a crucial designation in the board game industry, recognizes the best game creations each year prior to the Cannes International Games Festival. The jury members tested dozens upon dozens of board games over the course of several months, ultimately choosing to honor only 4 in each category. Find out now who the big winners are for the 2023 edition!


 Akropolis As D'Or

Following the footsteps of As d'Or's major winner 7 Wonders Architects, Akropolis, a placement game that is already very popular. You must carefully pick, arrange, and even stack tiles that represent squares and districts in order to construct the perfect city and win the game. The more points you receive, the better their design is. simple setup, understandable rules, and an interesting yet simple strategic element... Every top-notch family game that can captivate any audience is available in Akropolis.



 Challengers As D'Or

The "Initiate" category, which is relatively new, holds something of a middle ground. It enables the promotion of a work intended for an audience that is already familiar with board games while avoiding the complexity of works intended for experts. Winner in 2023, Challengers!, which is based on a deck building mechanic, requires you to construct the strongest hand of cards as the game goes on in order to win. However, Challengers! is distinguished from its rivals primarily by its distinctive tournament system, which, although the game can be played alone, makes all of its features available to a group of players. There are numerous duels with different opponents each time; the interactions are intense, and the games are quick and rhythmic. Ideal for vivacious evenings!

Challengers Layout


 Flashback Zombie Kidz As D'Or

Flashback Zombie Kidz received the As d'Or 2023 jury's label in the "Children" category. It's true that this game of observation and investigation is very unique! The Kidz, a group of smart kids, must contend with a zombie invasion. It will be necessary to switch between and carefully examine the maps that represent the various viewpoints of a particular scene. The purpose? Look for hints and make an effort to comprehend the happenings. The young ones and the adults who are with them will enjoy the humorous and exquisitely made illustrations as well as the captivating game system.

Flashback Zombie Kidz layout


 Ark Nova As D'Or

It is Ark Nova's turn to be recognized in the "Expert" category in 2022, following Dune Imperium. Your objective as the director of a zoo is to strike the ideal balance between animal conservation and financial success. Like any respectable expert game, Ark Nova demands a sizable investment, particularly in terms of time (especially during the first games or if you play more than two). In fact, the implementation takes a while, there is a ton of material, and the dense rules take a while to absorb. Even though beginners might feel overwhelmed, their efforts will eventually be rewarded because, once mastered, Ark Nova is thrilling. The hours of play won't be noticed by deep strategy fans or elaborate.

Ark Nova Layout

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Akropolis, Challengers! and Ark Nova are available for you to try out and play in All Aboard XP in Uptown Mall, BGC. This is a great chance for you to play award winning games and test out new mechanics. 


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