All aBOARD XP: Your Board Gaming Hub Has Evolved!

October 06, 2022
All aBOARD XP: Your Board Gaming Hub Has Evolved! - Gaming Library
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Gaming Library is opening a new play space at Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City (BGC). All aBOARD XP!

We’re all looking forward to the opening of All aBOARD XP This November at Uptown Mall BGC (especially after being limited in our movement for two years), so let’s go down the line and see what we have to look forward to, shall we?

All aBOARD XP is, as your new hangout, a gameplay friendly space. You not only have the freedom and space to peruse our vast collection of games, but also to try the games out for yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned player hunting for a new challenge, a casual fan seeking new party games to play with friends, or a parent looking for a new family-friendly board game, we have the tools necessary to help you in your search! 

New residents of the store are our trusty game masters, who can help facilitate demos for the games you might want to play. Have them walk you through brand new titles and explain how to play, or play against them in sessions to determine whether a game is to your taste! Whether you’re trying out Exploding Kittens for the first time, looking for a game similar in play style to Cascadia, or wanting to experience new expansions of your favorite titles, our game masters are up for any challenge, big or small.


All aBOARD XP is opening at Uptown Mall BGC, and it boasts a sizable space for both individuals and groups. We’re building a haven for gamers to come together and play the games they love; to meet new friends, build bigger circles, and foster friendly competition amongst themselves. It’s a collective space for longtime tabletop gamers to meet one another, as well as the perfect starting-off point for casual players to get to know what the board game community has to offer; perhaps even the place you’ll fall in love with board games yourself!


We believe that in having family and friends come together to play board games, we can build and strengthen this community further. We look forward to seeing you at All aBOARD XP this November!

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