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60 Second Board Game Pitch!

Pitch your favorite board game in 60 seconds!

Send us a video of yourself pitching a game in 60 seconds and get exclusive prizes, swag, or discounts!


Unlock! Series - 60 Second Boardgame Pitch! What game do you wanna learn next? #boardgames #gaminglibrary #glxonline

♬ original sound - Gaming Library

Check this out!


  1. Check the list and add your name to a game you're making a video for!
  2. Record an awesome video!
  3. Send your video to
  4. Once your video is approved, we will contact you for you to receive a freebie of either CMON dice, Swag for your games, or a 10% discount code!



  • Please record your video on portrait orientation.
  • Practice and time your spiel before recording!
  • Check your background, lights, and noise.
  • Have fun and smile! 


*By sending your video to , you are allowing us to use it for marketing purposes.


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