All aBOARD XP is coming to Greenbelt 5!

July 4, 2023
All aBOARD XP is coming to Greenbelt 5! - Gaming Library
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Your board gaming haven delivers yet again!

Hello Gaming Library Family!

So before we start, we just wanna give you a couple of moments to congratulate us on consistently turning it out for you all.

And we continue to, because—wait. What is–? Oh my Gosh, what is that?

Gaming Library All aBOARD XP Greenbelt 5


Gaming Library All aBOARD XP Greenbelt 5

We just opened All aBOARD XP SM North EDSA, and now there’s… *gasp*

Gaming Library All aBOARD XP Greenbelt 5

That’s right, players! Your eyes don’t deceive you; fresh off the opening of All aBOARD XP in SM North EDSA The Block, we’re proud to announce that All aBOARD XP is coming to Greenbelt 5! We at Gaming Library and All aBOARD XP are continuing to expand our ground to provide you all with more safe/welcoming splaces to meet your fellow gamers and explore more of your favorite board games. This upcoming new Greenbelt 5 branch boasts a sizable play area for solo or group game sessions as well as our special events like Challenge Weekdays, launch of new games and other mini-tournaments!

With the news of this coming so soon after the unveiling of AAXP SMNE, I think it’s safe to say we’re killing it. All jokes aside though, All aBOARD XP is your haven, players—to meet new friends, build bigger circles, and foster friendly competition especially in board games. We’re all working very hard to expand your board game haven because the reason All aBOARD XP was ever even possible was because you, the players, made it possible.

With the deepest gratitude, Gaming Library thanks you, players! We look forward to seeing you at All aBOARD XP Greenbelt 5 this Q3!

Where do you want us to open our next All aBOARD XP branch? Alabang? Cebu? Davao? Singapore? Tokyo? The Moon?



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