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Takenoko: Chibis

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Designer: Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat

Publisher: Matagot, Asmodee

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 45 minutes

Recommended Age: 8+

Action Point Allowance System
Dice Rolling
Grid Movement
Modular Board
Pattern Building
Route/Network Building
Set Collection
Tile Placement

A long time ago, the Emperor of China offered to the Emperor of Japan a giant panda, a symbol of peace. Your delicate mission: Take care of the animal by planning a bamboo field.

Now as a reward for your great work, you are being offered a second panda...a female! Takenoko: Chibis includes a miniature of the female panda, nine different tiles for the baby pandas, six plot tiles, 18 cards, and 17 bamboo pieces.

Recommended 18 Mini Euro sleeves


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