Field Notes - D&D 5E Character Journal - Gaming Library
Field Notes - D&D 5E Character Journal - Gaming Library
Field Notes - D&D 5E Character Journal - Gaming Library

Field Notes - D&D 5E Character Journal

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We present thee with the Field Notes 5E Character Journal, a handsome tome for the fifth edition of “the world’s greatest roleplaying game,” Dungeons & Dragons. It is specifically designed to help you track your D&D character’s statistics, spells, weapons, treasure, history, and more. The 64 pages feature room for all data normally found on a character sheet, and more, including plenty of space to document your adventure level by level.*

We’ve been making Field Notes for well over a decade now, so we’ve seen more than our fair share of Graph paper. Yet, even now, some of us can’t look at little squares without wanting to map out a route through a subterranean dungeon or an abandoned castle, striving to defeat the dragon, berserker, or whatever other enemies stand between us, treasure, and glory.


Each 2-Pack includes two “Note Book”-sized Character Journals, 4-3/4" x 7-1/2", with blood-red French Paper Co “Construction” 100# covers featuring handy data, tables, and diagrams for reference. The body pages are beefy Domtar Lynx Ultra Smooth 70# text with clear-but-subtle light brown print. The pages contain fields for game information, character data, and level-by-level notes.

And hey, if you’re inclined to roll your d20 late into the evening, you’ll probably also want some graph paper to go along with your Character Journals. Please take a look at other products; we have a variety of books, writing instruments, pencil bags (i.e. dice bags!) and other goodies to help you slay (or befriend) the orcs you’ll encounter on your quest.

* Again, to be clear, these are not blank note books, they are specifically formatted for 5E fantasy roleplaying.

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