These are the available public gaming groups on facebook that you can join! This will enable you to connect with other people who share the same passion and interest of board gaming.

Best of all, we're not just people who meet to play board games, we're more than that -- we're a community. A place where people become life-long friends / barkadas who can hang out and have fun!

We welcome everyone to join us! The more the merrier =D


Makati Gaming Group



After work de-stressing at Makati B&B -> Join us at our makati branch for Beer & Board Games!


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GG - Greenhills Gaming Group



Description : " A group that was initially founded by people residing in San Juan. It has since branched out to become the Philippine gaming group regardless of location. - the most active of all groups. "

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Open Gaming Meet

Description : "Originally, the Open Gaming Meet (OGM) was an informal gathering of various tabletop game enthusiasts that get together to try out various related hobbies that they normally don't have the time or resources to commit.

With the presence of the Gaming Library's All aBoard, the OGM organizers are 100% behind their effort to provide a free monthly gaming venue by providing assistance in terms of games from our library and personnel. "

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Summoner Wars Gaming Group

Description : " For people who are fans of Summoner Wars, the #1 best selling board game of Gaming Library. Join this group for new info/events/tournaments"





Philippine Historical Boardgamers Club (Est. 1995)

The Philippine Historical Boardgamers Club, also known simply as Phi
lboardgamers, was established to create opportunities for traditional board wargaming enthusiasts to play, socialize, and introduce others to our hobby.

Games played include:
* Traditional Historical Board Wargames (AH, SPI, MMP, VG, GDW, L2, GMT, DG, etc...)
* ASL [Advanced Squad Leader] and the ASL Starter Kits (MMP)
* Block wargames
* Card-Driven Wargames
* Sci-Fi Wargames
* Multi-Player Simulation Games 

Board Wargamers from all over the world are welcome to participate in this group's discussions.