Seas of Havoc (Core Box)
Seas of Havoc (Core Box)
Seas of Havoc (Core Box)

Seas of Havoc (Core Box)

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In Seas of Havoc, players take on the role of a unique captain of a ship in a naval combat game where players are competing for the most renown. Players can gain renown for discovering shipwreck and battling it out on the high seas.

The game is split between a combat phase on the high seas and an island phase where players send out their skiffs to worker placements to gain resources, improve their decks, repair and upgrade their ship. During the combat phase, Players will play out a hand of cards to maneuver their ship; navigating obstacles, searching shipwrecks and firing cannons at their opponents. Multi-use cards offer options as the battle unfolds and card bonuses reward smart play.

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