That Sound Game: The Game About Making ~Sound~ Decisions

June 15, 2023
That Sound Game: The Game About Making ~Sound~ Decisions - Gaming Library
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Warning: Sound puns everywhere. 📢

Hello Gaming Library Family!

“A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.”

That is a spin on the famous quotation ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Thales (Miletus, 624 – 546 BC), demonstrating the close links between physical exercise, mental equilibrium and the ability to enjoy life. The quote was revised to include the concept of souls in order to be used in the 2009 cult hit anime series Soul Eater, which used ‘sound souls’ and other allegories relating to sound to explain its fantastical, action-packed concept.

Gaming Library That Sound Game

…But what we’re really here to talk about is the new board game of the summer, That Sound Game! It’s a guess-the-prompt party game that sounds… Well, exactly like what it says. The goal of players in That Sound Game is to get their teams to guess as many answers on the category cards as they can in a minute. Categories include Incidents, Actions, The P’s (People, Places, and Personas), Nature, and Objects. The key here is to use any combination of sounds and movements to portray the words on the category cards to your teammates, but your hands must be behind your back. Lifelines also grant you additional help. The Uncuff Me card allows players to use their hands for the rest of their turn, while the Steal card allows players from other teams to steal the answer if they know the answer to a card on another team’s turn. Beware though: getting the answer wrong on a steal means losing not only the point, but also the chance to use that card again for the rest of the game. Use them strategically to help you win!

Gaming Library That Sound Game

It’s a lot more challenging than it sounds—ba dum tss—; Whether you’re the teammate guessing, giving answers completely on impressions of sounds of different objects, animals, or situations, or you’re on the other end of the game, acting out the prompts for your teammates to decipher. That’s where the inherent rush of the game comes from. It’s a game that feels like a spiritual growing up for charades, challenging players to step beyond the boundaries of the literal and expected hand gestures, demanding that players be more creative with the way they portray the prompts, and that the portrayals of each prompt are dying for clarity because God forbid the opposing team scores your points. The fun yet frantic energy and vibe of the gameplay really reminds us to attune our body to our movements, sounds, and actions in order to give the best edge for our teams. We feel that if there’s one thing That Sound Game teaches us, it’s how to cultivate a sound mind, body, and soul.

That Sound Game is one of many games that follow and contribute to that vein of board games. Read on further for two more of our favorite dexterity titles! These games can be played at your nearest All aBOARD XP branches in Uptown Mall BGC, One Bonifacio High Street, Shangri-La Mall and the soon-to-open SM North EDSA. You can also get them in stores and online at!

Gaming Library Red Flags

  • Red Flags

“The Game of Terrible Dates” lives up to its name. In this game more suitable for adolescents and young adults, players use Perk cards to design their ideal date’s features or personality traits. However, their fellow players must now also assign a Red Flag card, in order to sabotage the initial player’s hot date. The initial player must now argue for why their date is the ideal partner for The Single, who chooses which awful date they would rather go on.

Gaming Library Poetry For Neanderthals

  • Poetry for Neanderthals

“YOU. ME. WE ALL PLAY. IT GOOD. IT FUN.” …Is not just how a neanderthal might describe this game, but also how its players will sound when playing, too! This competitive word-guessing game pits player teams against each other as they pick Poetry Cards and describe prompts without being allowed to use more than one syllable. Laugh along with fellow players as you fumble for single-syllable words to describe your prompt and risk getting hit with a big NO! Stick and losing points if you mess up! The goal is to score the most points by correctly guessing the prompts.


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