Quick Tips on How to Host a Board Game Night

June 7, 2024
Quick Tips on How to Host a Board Game Night - Gaming Library
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Hosting a board game night is an exciting way to bring your friends together for hours of fun, laughter, and friendly competition. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, creating the perfect atmosphere and choosing the right games can make or break your event. This is also the best way to invite people who have not played board games, and introduce them to our wonderful hobby. :D

So, how do you host game night and what are the things you need to prepare?

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! As experienced board game hosts, Gaming Library can help you set up your game night and make sure everyone’s having fun. So, dust off those dice and shuffle your decks, it’s time to go on a quest!

Setting Up Your Board Game Night

Before you start hosting a game night, there are a few things you need to prepare in advance.

First, You Have to Decide on the Type of Game Night You Want to Host

Choosing the right collection of games can set the tone of your game night. Do you want an intimate gathering with strategic games, or would you rather host a lively atmosphere with quick, fun games? 

Deciding on the theme alone can influence the number of guests to invite and the types of games to play. For a quieter evening, limit your guest list to 4 to 6 people. But, if you’re planning a more party-like vibe, inviting 8 to 15 people can be fun. We have done before a Japanese-themed game night - played board games from Japan and had sushi. Or a horror-themed game night with board games with monsters and zombies, and we had pizza and candy.

Next, Create a Comfortable Gaming Atmosphere

Regardless of the theme of your board game night, creating an organized and comfortable atmosphere is important to ensuring everyone’s having a good time. Here are a few tips for setting up your space effectively:

  • Clean and Clear: Make sure your gaming area is clean and clutter-free. A large dining table or a designated gaming table is ideal.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is essential, especially when you and your guests need to read instructions for the game or just to see the game board. Opt for bright mood lighting over harsh white lights.
  • Seating: Provide comfortable seating for all your guests. If you’re short on chairs, arrange the cushions and pillows on the floor so everyone’s still clustered together.
  • Temperature: Keep your room at a comfortable temperature. If you have an air conditioner, set it to a cool room temperature mode. (and yes, the Philippines is hot and humid, so you need to keep it cool). If you’re using fans, ensure they’re not set too high and aren’t pointed at game components that can easily fly away.

Lastly, Gather Your Supplies

Before your guests arrive, lay out all the necessary supplies you’ll be using throughout the evening.

  • Games: First and foremost, set aside the games you’ve selected for the event and place them where they’re easily accessible when you start or switch games.
  • Accessories: Have extra game equipment on hand like dice, timers, pens, and paper.
  • Card Sleeves: For card-heavy games, consider sleeving your cards to protect them from wear and tear. Card sleeves will also protect them from stains and spills. 
  • Snacks and Drinks: One of the most important parts of game night is preparing the right drinks and snacks to munch on. Set out easy-to-eat snacks or finger food during your party. You can ask your guests for their preferences on food and beverages beforehand.


Game Night 1


More Tips for Game Night

Now that you’re about to host your game night, here are some top tips to keep in mind:

Choose a Variety of Games

As mentioned before, selecting the right set of games is the heart of a successful game night. Here are some game ideas to consider:

  • Spillers: These are light games that can be played as your evening winds down. They’re really easy to play, helping to end the night on a high note. A few great game night enders are Azul, Kings of Tokyo, Modern Art, and Fantasy Realms.

Learn the Games Beforehand

As the host, you want to keep board game night flowing smoothly. So, before guests start arriving, make sure to learn the rules of the games (and make notes if you have to!). This allows you to explain them clearly and quickly, minimizing the confusion and downtime between games. A good tip is to watch videos on how to play the game on Youtube, just like this How to Play Coup PH video.

Create a Welcoming Ambiance

Play soft background music and ensure your playing area is well-lit and smells pleasant. You can bring out your candles and essential oils to have a space diffuser. Just be mindful of using strong scents that can bother your guests.
Food is also a big part of enjoying the evening. Choose snacks that are easy to eat and not too messy. You can also provide toothpicks or chopsticks for extra insurance.
As for the drinks, beverages like water, soda, and maybe a few beers and bottles of wine are good choices. Just make sure to have napkins or wipes handy for your guests for quick clean-ups while playing games.
Game Night 2

Moderate and Keep the Flow Going

As the host and game master, you want to make sure your board game night goes off without a hitch. Remember to explain the rules clearly and double-check if everyone understands. If a game seems to be dragging, gently steer your group towards finishing up or switching to another game, which brings us to the last tip:

Have Backup Games Ready

As the host and game master, your main goal is to keep the fun going. Sometimes, a game isn’t a hit or starts to slow down. In those moments, be ready to change plans or switch to a different game that guests prefer. 
This ties back to our game night tip of having various games on hand. With different games at your disposal, you can easily adjust to any scenario and ensure the fun never stops!


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Hosting a board game night can be a fun and rewarding experience that’s a unique and engaging way to bring you, your friends, and your family together. And just by planning and following these hosting tips, you can create an enjoyable and memorable evening for everyone. 

Don’t stress too much about perfection! Focus on creating a welcoming environment and enjoying the games.

Ready to Host Your First Board Game Night?

If you’re looking for a way to expand your collection or need specific games to make your special night, Gaming Library has got your back! We offer a wide selection of games for you to choose from, and you can even try them out if you visit our All Aboard XP locations. Our in-store game coaches can help recommend the perfect games for your board game nights, offering you some additional tips to support your event. Happy playing!

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