Disney Adults, Rejoice: The Disney Edition of Dixit is here!

October 11, 2023
Disney Adults, Rejoice: The Disney Edition of Dixit is here! - Gaming Library
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The bibbidi-bobbidi-board game you’ve been waiting for.

Hello Gaming Library Family!

It’s magical—a bright star shining, cascading over the underlit silhouette of a castle, illuminating a kingdom and everything it stands on below. A fantastical orchestra arrangement plays. You can already picture it: it’s Disney.

Disney movies transport us like no other to a world of enchantment and wonder. Whether it's a princess finding her prince in a fairy tale castle or a talking animal embarking on a grand adventure, Disney's storytelling is simply magical. It makes all the more sense that a Disney edition of Dixit would exist.

Gaming Library Dixit Disney Edition

Dixit is a creative storytelling guessing game that both stimulates imagination and sharpens players’ cognitive perception. Each player takes turns being the storyteller, choosing from one of six cards in their hand to inform their one-sentence story they share with fellow players. The other players must now select a card from each of their hands that best matches the story and give that to the storyteller.

Having played Dixit myself, it’s interesting to see how the standard version of the game not only shows you how your fellow players think, but also how they interpret certain cards, colors, art, or moods. The standard version featured art that was very subjective; how then will that change when the cards now feature Disney’s internationally beloved characters, places, and ideas? How will that change your fellow players’ gameplay? While they’re all familiar to us, we each share our own views and connections with these characters because they reflect our own dreams, struggles, and aspirations. It’s why Disney films and cartoons are relatable and endearing to us, and seeing those individual relationships between each player and Disney is what intrigues me most about this crossover.

Gaming Library Dixit Disney Edition

Dixit: Disney Edition features 84 cards, with each card representing one of 84 films in the Disney or Pixar catalog from Steamboat Willie to Turning Red. This Disney and Dixit crossover is a nostalgic journey for players and a mesmerizing introduction to the storytelling-fueled gameplay of Dixit. The vibrant characters, catchy songs, and beautifully animated landscapes represented on the cards create a sensory feast for all players, whether Dixit veteran or newcomer, Disney fanatic or otherwise.

Dixit: Disney Edition is one of many games that feature great art as a component of its gameplay! Read on further below for other titles that do the same. These games can be played at your nearest All aBOARD XP branches in Uptown Mall BGC, One Bonifacio High Street, Shangri-La Mall and the soon-to-open SM North EDSA. You can also get them in stores and online at www.gaminglib.com!

And don’t forget: this October 13th-15th, All aBOARD EXPO is coming your way, players! All aBOARD EXPO is where we’ll launch a new PH board game and conduct tournaments like the first-ever Cascadia Philippines National Tournament!

 Gaming Library Stella Dixit


  • Stella: Dixit Universe
  • Dixit’s spinoff game Stella is played in a similar manner to its predecessor, but with a twist: in each round, players interpret Dixit cards on a board after receiving a common clue word. Each player observes the Dixit cards and secretly associates these cards with the clue word, marking on their erasable personal slates the cards that they choose. Selecting the same cards as the other players allows you to score more points. Conversely, selecting a card that no one else chooses may cost you dearly. At the end of each game, each player calculates their total score. Whoever has the most points — which is possibly more than one person — wins. Take calculated risks, but beware of the fall.


    Gaming Library Mysterium


    Give Dixit a spooky Halloween remix and you’ll end up with Mysterium. Mysterium, a fantastic reworking of a system first introduced in the game Tajemnicze Domostwo, proposes a world where ghosts are real (wooo-ooo) and want to assist you in solving crimes. More specifically, their assassination. In Mysterium, one player assumes the role of the ghost, whose only means of communication are a deck of beautifully illustrated cards. The ghost must use these cards to guide the other players, or paranormal investigators, to the correct murder suspect before the night is over. Mysterium expands on Dixit's initial concept by adding a more defined ruleset and a stronger theme, resulting in an arguably better - or, at the very least, more challenging - game.


     Gaming Library Canvas

  • Canvas
  • Want an abstract puzzle game based on competition and creativity? Canvas pits players against each other as painters in an art competition. Collect transparent art cards and layer three of them together to form a unique art piece. Think smart though–icons on each card determine whether you meet certain objectives and collect enough rosettes to determine whether you win. Is your artistic voice strong enough to win this game?

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