All aBOARD XP Uptown’s 1st Anniversary!

November 14, 2023
All aBOARD XP Uptown’s 1st Anniversary! - Gaming Library
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Our Thanksgiving spirit moves us to simply say ‘Thank you.’

Hello Gaming Library Family!

It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that I was first writing about the opening of All aBOARD XP.

All aBOARD XP was born from the need for a new hangout; one focused on being gameplay friendly. A space where seasoned players hunting for a new challenge, casual fans seeking new party games to play with friends, or parents and kids looking for new family-friendly board games have the freedom and space to peruse our vast collection of games, and try them right then and there.

We’ve held all kind of events too; mini tournaments, birthday parties, a Valentine’s Day-themed Date Night/Game Night, a celebration of International Star Wars Day, and a big Halloween blowout. All this stemming from one goal: unity in the name of play. That our small but passionate board game community be made bigger and stronger.

That’s why it’s quite surreal now to be writing this in anticipation of our Uptown branch, our first ever branch of All aBOARD XP, celebrating its 1st Anniversary!

Gaming Library All aBOARD XP Uptown 1st Anniversary

We’re… ecstatic to be able to share this milestone with you. We envisioned building a haven for gamers to come together and get lost in board game fun; to meet new friends, expand their circles, and foster friendly competition amongst themselves. We worked towards creating a collective space for longtime tabletop gamers to meet one another, while also serving as the perfect starting-off point for casual players to get to know what the community has to offer. And a year later, here we are! None of this was possible without you.

So in honor of All aBOARD XP Uptown’s first anniversary, we’d like to give thanks to you players! We won’t be preparing stuffed turkey, but we’re inviting you to our Uptown branch for 50% off on XP Hour Play passes for the whole day! We’ll also be holding a Cascadia-themed party! Dress up in plaid and denim, or anything that gives off a Pacific Northwest Gorpcore vibe to participate in our Cascadia Mini Tournament, get free Cascadia stickers, play our Klask demos, and best of all, try your hand at Satori, Nucleum, Catch Sketch, Dying Message, JinxO, and other new titles straight from GEN CON, Essen, and CMON Expo!

It really is a day of Thanksgiving for us, no pun intended. We hope to celebrate our 1st Anniversary with you at All aBOARD XP Uptown this November 23, 2023!

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