From Challenge Tuesdays to Challenge Weekdays

May 03, 2023
From Challenge Tuesdays to Challenge Weekdays - Gaming Library
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Get your game on every weekday with our Challenge Weekday promo!

Join the All aBOARD XP Challenge Weekday and complete our list of board games from Mondays to Thursdays. Collect stickers and earn your chance to play for free on your next visit.

Challenge Tuesday will now be Challenge Weekdays!
We are using the same mechanics, cards and stickers... with the main difference being that it is not limited to Tuesdays anymore, (for more chances of completing your quest cards). 😃

King of Monster Island - Challenge Tuesday


- Play one (1) board game in "The List" during WEEKDAYS (Mondays - Thursdays, excluding Holidays) in All aBOARD XP for the month of May. You will be given a card, and you will receive one (1) sticker. Write your name on the card and keep it. 😃

Currently, "The List" of challenge games include:
March: Akropolis, Ark Nova*, Cascadia, Challengers!, and Living Forest
April: Catapult Feud, Century: Spice Road, Dobble, King of Monster Island*, and Stack'N Stuff

New game will be added for May
Week 1: Star Wars: The Clone Wars*

- You are limited to one (1) sticker per game per day. (You can repeat a game in one day, but you will only receive 1 sticker for completing that game. You can play any game from "The List" in any order)
- Complete four (4), and eight (8) games, then you are entitled to ONE HOUR FREE PLAY on your next visit.
- Complete all twelve games (12), then you are entitled to WHOLE DAY FREE PLAY on your next visit.
- In order to compete a row, you must play one (1) BOSS CHALLENGE GAME (Ark Nova, King of Monster Island, Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
- Incomplete cards cannot be combined to claim the ONE HOUR / WHOLE DAY FREE PLAY.
- No card, no sticker.
- This card cannot be used in conjunction with other promos or discounts.

Can I still use the previous Challenge Tuesday Quest Card?
-Yes. You can still use and complete it.

Can I play a Boss Challenge Game even without playing other games?
- Yes. You can play the Boss Challenge Game in any order, and you will receive a sticker in for the Boss Challenge Game slot. If the Boss Challenge Game slots have been filled up, you will receive stickers on your empty slots.

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