Do you have a dream of having your very own board game store?

Gaming Library will help you achieve that dream. :) We believe that the more of us working for the hobby, the bigger our community will grow.

Gaming Library has over 1,000+ items and has a lot of support coming from our the various publishers abroad. We have partnerships with US, European and Asian publishers and we're sure to be able to provide you the supply that you need.


Interested applicants should follow these instructions:

  1. Email us at and attach any of the following documents
    • Business Permit/Mayor's Permit
    • DTI/SEC registration
    • TIN Number of Business
  • Picture of the store or online website of the sotre

Our account manager will then contact you for the policy. We look forward to be service to the growing resellers soon. If you don't have any of the documents yet but have plans simply discuss with us and we can assist you.


Sincerely Yours,

Hans Kenner Fernandez

Chief Meeple, Gaming Library