Wyrmspan Takes Wingspan to New Heights with Dragons

January 09, 2024
Wyrmspan Takes Wingspan to New Heights with Dragons - Gaming Library
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What a way to start the Year of the Dragon!

I love Wingspan and I love Dungeons and Dragons, and if you fancy feathered friends but yearn for dragons with fiery trends, Stonemaier Games has a treat that transcends. (Yes, I am absolutely thrilled  about this!) Wyrmspan, a remix with scales and roars, where Connie Vogelmann expertly explores.

This is exciting news! This is the retheming I didn't know I needed, and now it's all I can think about. Give me those little speckled eggs and beautiful dragon cards.

Wyrmspan, crafted by Connie Vogelmann of Apiary fame (which currently holds an impressive score of 8.0 on BoardGameGeek) with insights from the talented designer Elizabeth Hargrave, shakes up the foundation of its predecessor, introducing fresh mechanics and a dragon horde for added delight. (Yes, Wyrmspan is new game, and is not just a reskin.) While familiarity with Wingspan gives a head start, Stonemaier promises a "step up in complexity," featuring new gameplay elements to captivate both seasoned players and those discovering the dragon-filled realm.

Embark as an eager dracology enthusiast in the whimsical world of Wyrmspan, where a wondrous array of dragons, diverse in shapes, sizes, and shades, sweep the celestial expanse. Excavate a clandestine labyrinth recently discovered on your sprawling domain, enticing these beguiling beings to find refuge and roost within the secure sanctuary of your splendid caves. One to five players plunge into the poetic pursuits of excavating spaces in the Crimson Cavern, Golden Grotto, and Amethyst Abyss. Here, they play cave cards cleverly, creating cozy havens for dragons with a host of "when played" benefits and bonuses, beckoning a myriad of mythical beings from hatchlings to ancient behemoths.

Once the caverns cradle these majestic creatures, intrepid players dispatch adventurers to delve deeper, discovering resources, meeting end-of-round objectives, and earning esteem with the esteemed Dragon Guild. Much like Hargrave's Undergrove's Carbon Track, Wyrmspan introduces four diverse guilds for each 90-minute saga, tempting players with distinct rewards and bonuses as they strive for glory. Goal tiles, a tantalizing ten, await the swift hands and strategic minds of those who seek points for varied objectives in a first-come, first-served contest.

Just as in Wingspan, players commence with their leftmost board space ready for dragon dwelling, yet further exploration demands resources and temporal investment. Fear not, for the delectable egg tokens persist, now adorned with luminescent speckles and vibrant hues, enticing players to savor the mythical wonders they conceal.


📷: Stonemaier Games

Gazing at the glimpses we've got, the artist behind the enchanting illustrations of Wyrmspan is none other than Clémentine Campardou, renowned for her work on Pencil First Games' Floriferous and Delicious. The mystical palette, awash with Campardou's watercolor wizardry, perfectly complements this fantastical twist on a gaming classic.

Now, here's the scoop – Wyrmspan stands tall as a solo sensation, not destined to dance in tandem with Wingspan or its expansions. Fear not, solitary seekers, for a reportedly robust solo mode crafted by the skilled Automa Factory awaits to weave a tale of dragon delights just for you.

Hold on to your scales, because the good news doesn't end there. Mark January 31st on your dragon calendar. Swift as a dragon's flight, it'll soar into your hands, expected come late March. Get ready to dive into the dragon-filled adventure soon! 🐉✨

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