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How thee do, fellow Archons? We hope you enjoyed and learned well from our last piece, talking about the houses and what they offer as main and support players in Call of the Archons. Today, let’s do the same for Age of Ascension (AoA)!  As a quick aside before we go into detail, AoA is touted as an overall weaker set, compared to Call of the Archons. The strategies involved in the winning tactics employed by the houses in AoA require more interactions and are quite slower than in the first set. With that being said, we believe that the...

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Hello, fellow Archon!  Are you new to the Crucible or have you been forging keys for quite a while?  Either way, this guide is here to briefly discuss the metagame present in Call of the Archons (CotA) and Age of Ascension (AoA). First of all, what is a metagame? It is rumored that the term originated from the acronym for “Most Effective Tactics Available” - META for short. With that, this article aims to show you the most effective tactics available in each set! Here are the trends that you can expect from each set - concepts or strategies that...

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