Capstone Announces Terra Nova, a Simplified Terra Mystica Game

July 12, 2022
Capstone Announces Terra Nova, a Simplified Terra Mystica Game - Gaming Library
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Capstone Games has announced Terra Nova, a new streamlined Terra Mystica game. Andreas Faul's brand new creation takes the original area control game and scales it down to more manageable levels. The game is expected to make its debut at Spiel in Essen.

You can pre-order Terra Nova here:

Terra Nova is a condensed version of the world-renowned strategy game Terra Mystica. Choose between ten different factions, each with unique abilities. Spread out as skillfully as possible on the central map and achieve specific goals from round to round. Erect buildings and settle new territories in peaceful competition with the other factions. Use your faction's special abilities wisely to control the most territory and win with the most points.

Terra Nova Board Game Components

Terra Mystica games have been known to last 4 hours or more. This new take on the games is estimated to last 60-90 minutes.

This new version of the game comes ten years after the original Terra Mystica was released in 2012, and five years after the Gaia project's successful sci-fi implementation in 2017. Both games are still extremely popular, but they are lengthy and intense, making them unsuitable for everyone. With the gameplay ideals that so many have been drawn to over the years, this new title looks to broaden that base.



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