5 Games To Get Kids Off Their Screens (The List)

September 21, 2017
5 Games To Get Kids Off Their Screens (The List) - Gaming Library
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Are you worried about your kids spending too much time in front of screens? Here are some games you can take out on your next family night to have the kids get hooked on spending quality time with you!

Fun Farm

Fun Farm is a popular game for a reason. In this game of speed and fast reflexes, players take turn drawing an animal from a deck of cards and rolling two colored dice to see if anything would match. If a die roll would match any card players would have to scramble to grab the animal printed on the card. Be careful, though! A wrong match would mean losing a point!

Doggy Go/Kitty Paw

These two games will have your family pawing for success! Like Fun Farm, this pair of games require speed and fast reflexes, but also adds a different layer of play. Players receive specific instructions on how to lay out their furry friends, including if they have to be on a specific side or the other. The objective of the game expands from just grabbing the correct pets to putting them in the right order as well! 

Shiba Inu House

Shiba Inu House is a great alternative for kids who love card games. The game is pretty simple, players hold the same cards and race to see who can build their dog house the fastest.  Blueprints are given out to everyone at the start but the bets are off as soon as the round begins. It's a doggy free-for-all!


Zicke Zacke/Chicken Cha Cha Cha

If going fast isn't your kid's type of game, then Zicke Zacke may be what you are looking for. In this memory game of chicken, players try to catch up to each other to steal their feathers. The player who manages to capture all feathers wins the game. The catch? Moving requires you match where you are going with the correct tile in the facedown pile in the middle. 


Knit Wit

This stringy game of word connections is a great game for lovers of word games. In Knit Wit, players have to think up of words from a set of words connected by string. Words that end up in multiple lists score no points and the player who manages to have the most unique words win. Knit Wit is a cheeky brain burner and social activity.

Bring these games to the table and spend some time with your kids without the need for any screen! 

The List is your weekly recommendation of games to try out and discover. For list ideas or suggestions, contact Duane at gl.duanebanzon@gmail.com. 

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