1. Lead time is now adjusted to 3 months instead of 2 months. The port congestion plus the slowness of Philippine customs leaves us no choice but to extend our lead time of new arrivals. 
  2. We will be opening up special pre-orders for rushed shipments to be done via air. These will be a bit more expensive and will only be included for small items. The options will be open via the drop down menu in the product page. These will be available for X-Wing, Dust Tactics, Malifaux and Warmachine. 
  3. Since the past 3 months we have been receiving our shipment in batches and not in one release. This has caused issues as sometimes for example we are expecting to receive X number of Betrayal but only X-5 arrived. Given this, we are prioritizing all PAID orders first to be fair to those who have already sent us their payment after that will be the first order first serve basis. We have encountered a lot of customers who simply order but never show up to pay and pick up their order and it has become unfair to those who have paid and spent their hard earned money first. (Those who wish to pay now so that you can be prioritized can pay via bank deposit at any BPI branch)
  4. All shipping will be done via the main office of Gaming Library (San Juan) Stock transfers from any branch to any branch will take up to 1 week maximum.
  5. For pick-ups: Once the item has arrived an email will be sent to you if the item is ready for pick up at your desired branch. Please respond to the email on a possible time frame on when you can pick up and pay for your order. Unpaid orders will be cancelled if no response is given after 2 weeks after the notification email has been sent to you.