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Players, we’re off to a great start, and there’s plenty more to come! 

It’s been a few fun (if chaotic, in the best way) months since All aBOARD XP opened its doors to all you players, and it has so far, everything’s been a blast. Scroll down further to see the magic of game sessions unfolding within the store!

GL is celebrating its 12th birthday this year GL is celebrating its 12th birthday this year
which kicked off with a retro birthday party!

GL is celebrating its 12th birthday this year

The event this past February 7th saw players dressing up in high-school themed costumes, winning exclusive prizes in raffles, and taking part in a Rolling Realms Mini Tournament. 

All aBOARD XP is a haven for gamers to come together and play the games they love. It’s a space to build your community further: to meet new friends, become better players, and fall in love with board games together. It’s the place where you can try board games, decide you love it, and then buy so you can play at home to your heart’s content. 

It's the place where you can find hidden gems during your tabletop game, with publisher-exclusive offers that you can’t get anywhere else. Or take a sneak peak and try your hand out on their latest releases–fresh off of the annual international gaming conventions! At All aBOARD XP, we have a bevy of talented and sharp game coaches who can assist newcomers and also pose as challengers to more experienced players!

Still have a few questions? Read on for answers to some lingering thoughts you might have about the venue, and see what we have in store for you!

What is All aBOARD XP?

All aBOARD XP is your new go-to board game hub and play space, located on the 3rd floor of UpTown Mall BGC, in front of the escalators headed for the food court. Named after the same event you’ve come to know and love, it’s a space that aims to give you the freedom to peruse our vast collection of games and play them yourself. Seasoned players hunting for new challenges, casual fans seeking new party games to play with friends, and parents looking for new family-friendly activities are all welcome here. We have all the tools necessary to help you in your search!

Who will be there in XP? Who is It for?

New residents of the store are our trusty game coaches, who can facilitate game demos or play against you to sharpen your gameplay. Newcomers will be assisted through new titles and be taught how to play them, and they’ll even play against you mid-session to determine whether a game is to your taste! More experienced, competitive players will be pleased to know that the game coaches are up for any board game challenge–and we mean ANY. Victory against our game coaches earns you not only major bragging rights, but given the right event, actual prizes too!

When are you open?

All aBOARD XP will be open everyday, 10am to 10pm every Monday to Thursday, and 10am to 11pm every Friday to Sunday. Please note however, that these schedules are ultimately contingent upon, and will therefore adhere to UpTown Mall’s schedules, so please be guided accordingly!

Are there any house rules to observe when visiting All aBOARD XP?

Given that the space is dedicated to board games and their very vulnerable meeples, we ask that you refrain from bringing pets and food into the premises of All aBOARD XP. Drinks are permitted but only in spill/leaf-proof containers such as thermoses and tumblers. To-go cups are not allowed. While it is a child-friendly space, we recognize that not every board game has child-friendly elements, so children ages 10 and below must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents, guardians, or anybody meant to accompany children will pay the same fees as players do.

Our game coaches make sure your sessions run smoothly, and most importantly are plenty of fun! Part of that means that every session ends with a 10-minute wrap-up period to help coaches with clean-up and other tasks. Going beyond this grace period means you will be charged an additional hour to your session.

To account for the best quality experience, board games will be checked before and after being played, so play responsibly! Any lost/damaged pieces will be charged to players.

Lastly, while we understand that board games are bound to get you excited and shouting with glee, let’s be considerate of our fellow players and keep our voices down to a reasonable level.

Any other questions or concerns can be addressed by our friendly game coaches!

How can I reach you?

All aBOARD XP and their representatives can be contacted through phone at (+63)9491216606, via email at, and on our Facebook page. The play space is also available for renting for private events, so if you’re looking to hold team building sessions, workshops, or even birthday parties, please contact us by emailing!

What are your rates?

What are your rates?