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Wrath of Kings: House Hadross - Carcharian Box

Cool Mini Or Not

It was a war no one wanted at the worst possible time. Ancient King Arikan's throne, empty these last five centuries, had remained beyond the Scion Kings' reach, yet always in their thoughts. Centuries passed. Three Scions died. And two remaining heirs drew secret plans for decisive actions, a quick and limited conflict. But hidden hands tugged the tapestry, and unseen players altered the game. A war between brothers now engulfs the five nations as rulers great and small vie for the Empyrean Throne. In the end, only one shall ascend. Only one shall rule. Only one shall survive the Wrath of Kings.

Amongst the many types of Deepmen, those gifted with the likeness of sharks are rare. This might be fortunate, because along with the shark's strength and resilience, they also share their irascible temperament and inexhaustible hunger. Frenzies can eat their own considerable body weight in food every three days. This would present logistical problems for Hadrossian commanders if it weren't for the ready supply of fresh meat standing in the enemy's lines. When accompanied by a Frenzy Alpha, these apex predators meld into a terrifying pack that can take down even the strongest opposition.

Models are made of plastic.


6 Charcharian Frenzy

2 Frenzy Charger

Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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