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Upon a Fable

Dyskami Publishing




Upon a Fable is a Euro-style "gateway" strategy board game for 1-6 players (recommended age 13+) with a family-friendly fairy tale theme and a one-hour playtime. Players assume the roles of grand rulers in the fairy tale lands, and during the nine game rounds the rulers seeks to expand their realms, fortunes, and influence.


At the end of the game, the player with the highest point total is the winner and declared High Emperor of the Fables! This core board game includes everything needed to play: 3 game boards, 6 player boards, 110 game cards, over 200 cardboard tokens, and a score pad and pencil. Upon a Fable features familiar game mechanics (worker placement, resource acquisition, card drafting, and hand management) combined together with in a fun, new way to appeal to both veteran players and novice gamers. A must-have pick for your game night collection!

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