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The Worlds of Android

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Powerful megacorporations unlocked the technologies that revolutionized the lives of billions across Earth, Luna, and Mars - but at what cost? The rich are richer than ever before, living atop starscraper arcologies in the lap of luxury. Meanwhile, the poor scrape by in an underworld ruled by gangs and orgcrime. True artificial intelligence has opened the doors to synthetic life in the form of androids - clones and bioroids - while advances in cybernetic and genetic modification push the boundaries of what it means to be human. Not everyone shares the corporate vision for the future. Human First leads the fight to protect the jobs of flesh-and-blood workers from androids. In the colonies, Martian rebels struggle for self-determination in a planet-wide civil war. Cybercriminals use bleeding-edge technology to wage a war of information across the Network. But can they stand up to the might of the Haas-Bioroid, Jinteki, NBN, and the Weyland Consortium?

Explore the worlds in the Android Universe as you've never seen them before in this definitive guide to the setting.