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The Strange: Players Guide

Monte Cook Games

Explore the Chaosphere of the Strange with this inexpensive introductory guide to The Strange!

Create characters, explore the setting, and learn how to play’êor just have a handy second set of rules at the gaming table’êwith this inexpensive player's alternative to the The Strange Corebook. It's perfect for getting a taste of the game, having an extra rules and setting reference on hand at the gaming table, or for game masters to hand to new players. The Player's Guide is a fantastic, ready resource for anyone playing The Strange, and a wonderful introduction and teaching tool for the game. And it's an amazing price for a 96-page book!

The Strange Player's Guide packs a lot into a 96-page package:

  • An overview of the game setting: the Strange, the key recursions of Ardeyn and Ruk, and the factions on Earth that know how to access them
  • The basic rules to play The Strange
  • Six pregenerated characters ready for play
  • Everything needed to create characters in a step-by-step process
  • A huge variety of options that allow players to create the characters they desire

The Strange was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in the autumn of 2013, and will be released in August 2014. The Corebook will be a 416-page hardcover with a double-sided poster map, heavy on the premium-quality artwork. The Player's Guide is a 96-page softcover.

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