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Super Dungeon Explore

Soda Pop Games




Super Dungeon Explore is an expandable strategy board game for 2 or more players, combining the fun of traditional dungeon crawls, with a unique retro arcade/vivdeo game feel, featuring authentic CHIBI anime heroes battling hordes of minions and huge monsters in a dungeon full of traps and treasure.

Super Dungeon Explore is the first games release from Soda Pop Miniatures. Super Dungeon Explore is an action packed dungeon dive, pitting players against the dungeon master in a battle for survival, loot, and to slay the dungeons evil master.

What Comes in the Box?
This box is cram packed with everything you need to have a highly enjoyable and replayable game experience with Super Dungeon Explore. Contents include:

Game Contents
΢ 50 + highly detailed Soda Pop Miniatures
΢ Custom Super Dungeon Battle Dice
΢ Character and Minion Stat Cards
΢ Loot and Treasure Card Decks
΢ 6 Large, Double Sided Dungeon Boards
΢ 32 Page Rule Book

Vendor: Soda Pop Games

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