Sun Tzu

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In China's troubled Spring and Autumn period, the state of Wu was at odds with its more powerful neighbor, Chu.

Sun Tzu, Wu's strategic advisor, led a war of attrition against the king of Chu until 506 BC, when he openly challenged the King. On their first encounters, the clever general pretended to retreat, inciting the opposing troops to pursue in a dispersed formation. Chu's troops, now divided, were easily surprised, and were crushed one by one. Sun Tzu became legend.

It's your turn to prove your sense of strategy and ability to bluff. The simple and subtle rules of Sun Tzu reward bluff, audacity, and panache. Do you have what it takes to dominate and impose your will over the numerous kingdoms of ancient China?

1 Game board
10 Score Displays
1 Rule Book
55 Cards
-40 Action cards
-10 Warlord Cards
- 5 Event Cards

44 Miniatures
-21 Red Soldiers

-21 Blue Soldiers
-1 Sun Tzu
-1 King of Chu


Players: 2

Game Length: 30 minutes